5 things to consider when choosing an off-road electric scooter



Very often, some roads are definitely not matched to our vehicles’ possibilities. That’s why choosing a proper electric scooter is the key to efficient travel without worries. Do you live in the suburbs, and you want to ride through sands and forests? It’s a proper time to think about an all terrain electric scooter. What should you bear in mind?

Without good wheels & tears you won’t go far

Let’s explain one thing. Wheels and tears are the basis of an off-road electric scooter. They should be massive and durable. Thanks to it, they’ll be able to guarantee a safe and fall-free ride.

Mud, sand, sharp stones and roots sticking out of the soil. These special country-cross tasks need the proper equipment. Fine wheels and thick tires are responsible for a comfortable ride even while exploring extraordinarily difficult terrain. Then it comes to an off-road electric scooter for adults, it should provide first-class shock absorption and reliable grip.

Investing in high quality materials will pay off. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to continue your journey without the unpleasantness such as a flat tire. The best wheels & tires are a real must have for the best off-road electric scooter.

Reliable breaks

There’s no need to be risky on demanding terrain. You have to be sure that brakes in your off-road electric scooter will never let you down. In the field, you never know what to expect. Therefore, the certainty that the braking system will work quickly and efficiently is one of the most important things while traveling off-road.

Think about high-performance disc brakes, which are considered the best solution for electric scooters. You have to be sure that you can stop as quickly as you can accelerate, right?

Switch on the light, please

Riding under the moonlight is not always the best idea. Especially when, thanks to the off-road electric scooter, you have a chance to go really far away from civilization.

Lighting is the key. With LED lights, you’ll see and be visible. The more lumens the better. It’s really not worth saving on, and many off-road electric scooters have built-in lights that you don’t need to buy them extra.

Long-life battery – to keep riding without any surprises

You probably don’t want to be stopped in the middle of nowhere, do you? That’s why a proper battery should allow you to ride far, far away…

Therefore, a large range is also a very important component of this type of vehicle. In this regard, it should never let you down. Choosing a long-range off-road scooter will allow you a trouble-free and long ride. Some models are able to provide up to 40 miles of uninterrupted riding. For example, models in off-road electric scooters collection made by Apollo Scooters are equipped with batteries powered by Dynavolt cells, which are also used in the construction of motorcycles.

The engine – the heart of an off-road electric scooter

It should have a real electric kick to effortlessly explore even the most difficult terrain. Driving up a hill should never reduce your driving performance. The best off-road electric scooter will be able to handle this type of terrain without any problems, thanks to the appropriate engine power.

To be sure that the off-road electric scooter can handle slopes that can have a 20-degree of inclination, you should think about a vehicle that has at least 1000 W motor. If you know that you will often have to overcome hilly terrain, you should think about choosing a vehicle with two engines, which will give your journey a real electric kick.

An off-road scooter should be reliable, solid and provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride. The parameters of an all terrain electric scooter are responsible not only for the quality of your ride, but also – for your safety. And this is the most important thing to consider when choosing an off-road electric scooter.

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