How to promote music on Spotify – the musicians take

Can I be honest with you? I am tired. I am so tired of the modern music industry rules. Tired of all those barriers and walls, built between creators and success. As a musician, I’ve suffered a lot in my career. I started as a rookie, playing on the streets. Just me and my guitar. With the flow of time my interests have changed, so have I. Once I said to myself – Stop! This can’t continue. I thought that after that life will change. And It did. Kind of.

I started playing in a band, and we were good. Not as good ass we thought we were, but good enough. WE gathered not stadiums, but pubs and bars. And when we got our first crowd outside we knew the time had come. The time to conquer Spotify. But success was too far to reach. No plays, no followers. We kept uploading, and uploading, but with no result. And then, we took a shot – we googled “promote music Spotify”, and it was it. That was our lifesaving jacket.

We ordered some plays, some followers, some likes, just like in the restaurant. And our order was delivered fast,like in those chinese cafes. And what can I say, it was the best decision ever. There was a river of plays, all the attention we needed at once. And since that, we never were lacking behind. I would be glad to announce our band’s name, but my contract prevents me from doing it. Our manager must approve all the mentionings of the band, and the text you are reading now is completely off the books. I am smuggling you some wisdom, some experience.

Of course I am no expert in music promotion, and I can’t explain how it works, but from my humble understanding it works like this: After the musician orders a promotion, a team of experts analyze the track or musician itself, choose the appropriate promotion strategy, and start doing it. Through blogs, social media, ads, all the ways you can imagine. Attracting new organic users and generating real traffic is what you are looking for. And as you see from my example, in the modern world it is impossible. That’s why I started with hate-speech. These walls are forcing musicians to act, they are forcing us to do it. There is nothing wrong with music promotion, and it feels great, but it somehow feels odd. Even accounting for the fact that every popular musician nowadays spends thousands and thousands of dollars every day on music promotion. So, go figure.

So, don’t make our mistakes and don’t waste your time. It is time for you to take control over your destiny, over your future. Spotify can be conquered, and it is up to you to decide, whether you want to be a king, or a mere peasant. But I hope that this little text will push you in the right direction. As musician to musician – this cruel world needs you, your vision, your creativity. Don’t keep it waiting.


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