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  Photo: George Milton / Pexels Whether you’re working from a kitchen table, virtual offices or serviced offices, making the leap from employment to self-employment requires careful planning and execution. Here are eight crucial steps to consider, complete with additional insights and tips for a smoother transition. 1. Assess Your Readiness The first step is to give yourself an honest assessment of your preparedness. Are you prepared for the uncertainty and the fluctuating income? Self-employment demands resilience, discipline, and an unwavering commitment. Ensure you’re ready mentally, emotionally, and financially. Reflect

There are many trends in architecture in different countries, in different cities, and different architectural bureaus. We reached out to architect Eugene Bernshtam to tell you about the most interesting trends present in most of them during this year. Let’s name these trends briefly: 1) “Green” Buildings More and more environmentally friendly buildings are built, and this trend will only increase. An environmentally friendly building should be CO2 neutral, and it requires not only solar panels and energy-efficient design but also its construction process. In many countries, using recycled materials

The Volunteer Firefighter Alliance is one of the nation’s greatest organizations and it helps all over the country to support our brave and talented fire men and women. Each fire service has its challenges when it comes to budgeting and that is why they cannot simply hire huge volumes of staff. In fact there are some fire services which perhaps only need 20 firefighters, but once every now and again a situation will arise whereby they need 30 or more. In these situations they are able to rely on the

Being a high school teacher comes with a lot of responsibility. It is a wonderful career, though, as it allows you to shape the next generation of students while being the person who believes in them. Whether you want to climb the teaching ladder or deliver the best education your students have ever received, here are six tips for getting you there. 1: Attain a Master’s Degree A master’s degree is not necessarily required for teaching, but it does give you an edge and tells people that you are serious

Losing a loved one is devastating, no matter the circumstances and in the event where their death occurs as a result of another’s negligence, it can be more traumatizing. The kin of the deceased are allowed to lodge a wrongful death claim against the culprits. Ways Wrongful Death Happens Wrongful death can happen in various ways and some of the most common scenarios include: Aggravated assault Consuming sub-standard products Airplane accidents caused by drunken pilots Medical malpractice Distracted driving accidents Workplace Accidents Filing a wrongful death claim is never an

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of the business structures that entrepreneurs prefer, especially if you’re a startup. One top advantage of this structure is the separation of personal assets to your business in terms of debt, bankruptcy, or lawsuits in the future. It also has a flexible system like that of a corporation but isn’t too formal. LLC is also a way to legalize your business in your state. If you plan to form an LLC for your business, you might be a bit lost on where and how

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