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Each year before winter comes I will generally do a quick maintenance check around the home to make sure that it is fit and ready for the coming cold months. unfortunately I was poorly organized this year which mean that I couldn’t do it before the winter hit Mokana,Il, and so I had to do things a little later. Nonetheless I know that the next few months can get colder and so I made sure to do my checks just before Christmas, better late than never! I spoke to the guys at Integrity Heating and Cooling about some of the important points that homeowners need to know about keeping their homes warm in winter and I thought I’d share with you some of their tips.



The first step is to make sure that your furnace is fit for purpose and that it will be able to keep your home warm this year. Even if your furnace is producing hot air this is not to say that it is definitely functioning to full capacity and it always makes sense to get a full maintenance check carried out on the furnace before the winter months come around. The last time that you would want this to break down will be during winter so give yourself the peace of mind and get it checked out.

Sealing Up

The external windows and doors in our home very often have leaks in the seals and when this happens all of the hot air that your furnace is producing will be simply disappearing through these cracks. In order to make sure that the hot air stays inside the home where it can keep you and your family warm, be sure to get around these areas and get them sealed up. Aloft or attic hatch can often be a problem too so be sure that they are sealed up and that the cold air cannot get in, and that the warm air cannot get out.

Let The Sunshine

Closing your curtains is a good idea to keep your home insulated during winter but if you have windows which get a lot of sunlight during the day then I would advise you to keep the curtains open on those windows. Even if it is cold outside the sun can still work its magic and pump heat into your home, why spend money when you have the best natural heater in the world on hand?


You should look to get into the practice of keeping the interior doors of the home closed at all times in order to keep the warm rooms hot, and the cold rooms cold. If you start leaving doors open then you will end up with every room being cold or not warm enough for you to be comfortable so closing doors is going to be key to making sure that you stay warm in the winter.

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