Andrew Curran Wesleyan University Professor – The Skills Which Make Him Great

Andrew Curran Wesleyan university professor is someone who is widely respected around here in New Haven and Hartford and there isn’t anyone who would have a complaint about him or say a bad word. For many years now he has been teaching law at the university and every student who has come through his class has nothing but kind words to say about him. I too studied under the professor and we have still kept in touch with the odd email. I wanted to talk a little today about the skills which he possesses that makes him the widely respected man and professor that he has become.


Something I noticed from the outset about the professor was that he has belief in every single student and he knows that all of us have something inside of us, which he needs to get out. There was a boy in my class who would always cause issues, throw tantrums in retaliation for a bad grade and the like, I’m sure you’ve seen these people before. Instead of giving up on him the professor worked with him and that young boy is now one of the top attorneys is Chicago. For Andrew Curran Wesleyan students were more than just numbers and names, we were potential.


It is never easy to learn from someone with a monotone voice who shows no real drive, desire or passion for what they are doing. Mr. Curran on the other hadn’t was a ball of flaming passion who clearly loved everything about the law, and he wanted you to as well. Mock trials and pretend lawsuits were a blast with him and he would regularly tie us all up in knots and destroy our prosecutions or defenses. The thing is though, through this passion and this drive and even through the embarrassment of having your argument ripped apart, we were all learning more than we could ever have realized, that is the greatest attribute of Andrew Curran.


Another great skill which the professor had was his ability to understand how each student needed to be motivated to get the best from us. In some cases he would give students a challenge to achieve – I guess you could call this the carrot and the stick – other times he would berate someone to get a reaction – the stick – and at times he would gently encourage someone with a more giving approach – half of the carrot.

Mr Curran always had time for his students day or night and he was always on hand to offer some advice or some inspiration when it was required. This combined with the other skills which he showed is why he is so widely respected in this area and why so many students who learned with him, have gone on to do such incredible things in their lives.

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