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The most vulnerable period of a company’s life is always at the beginning – when tensions are high, and the costs have piled up. There hasn’t been enough time for there to be a company routine, which makes every decision even more critical as the slightest slip-up could prove to have disastrous consequences down the line. One particularly tricky decision is choosing the right business model for data storage. For one, as a smaller company with smaller needs, it’s possible to have an IT crew set up in-house to deal

Are you planning a high-tech camping trip? Maybe you’re just trying to reduce your eco footprint. Either way, here are the 5 must-have solar gadgets in 2019. It’s no surprise that fossil fuels contribute to global warming, ocean acidification, deforestation, a growing number of health crises, and many more problems. Yet 85% of our energy still comes from these harmful sources. Whether you want to transition into living a greener lifestyle or have power no matter where you go, solar energy is the solution to the world’s problems. If you

Home security used to be expensive to install, but home security devices are now affordable and easy to use. We look at 7 gadgets that can keep any home safe. In 2016, there were 3,160,450 reported burglaries throughout the entire United States. If this number alarms you, good. It’s important to be concerned about the safety of your family, as well as your own. Luckily, one of the best ways to prevent experiencing a break-in is by installing home security devices throughout your property. In the past, this equipment was

Are you sick of waiting for your streaming movies to buffer? The problem is probably your internet! Here’s how to improve WiFi speeds and end the frustration. There it goes again! That annoying spinning circle in the middle of your screen during a movie. And it always seems to happen at the absolute worst moments. Are you frustrated about the speed (or lack thereof) at which your WiFi runs? There are actually several simple ways to improve WiFi speeds. Give these 5 a try and see if you notice any

You might think that value and in car technology don’t go together. Certainly, when people are looking for a good deal on a car this can come at the price of a lack of gadgets. This might be exactly what you want – to save money by avoiding frivolous extras. This might be even more relevant with vans, like the Toyota HiAce for example, where the basic model is little more than a box on wheels! However, with newer cars this is no longer the case. In fact, in a

Are you looking to take travel photos that will easily make all of your friends jealous? Read on to learn how it’s done with these ten tips. Given that more than 40% of Americans have a passport, we love to travel all around the world. When we’re out in the world, we also love to take photos to share online or show friends later. Whether amateur or professional, travel photos can wow people if they’re taken right. Here are four tips to ensure you take great photos every time you’re

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