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My buddy Eric Wetlaufer has been with his partner since they left college and 6 years on they are still going strong. On the other hand, my buddy Frank and I, also from Wesson, haven’t been quite so lucky and have involved in all kinds of terrible relationships since that time, and we are beginning to think that we are the problem. In light of this I spoke to Erics girl about why she thinks that he is such a great boyfriend, in the hope of learning some tips. If you are in the same boat as my buddy Frank and I, maybe these can help you too.



Eric and Sophie keep communication to a minimum whilst they are at work and will only ever send the odd email or WhatsApp message if something comes up. The reason why they do this is because it gives them more to talk about when they actually do meet, I like this idea!


Sophie admitted that in the beginning of the relationship she used to test Eric a little to see what he would do for her and that she was shocked when I would often say no to fetching something for her. What this did however was create clear boundaries for both of them. I have been guilty in the past of saying yes to everything and that means that someone women walk all over me, limits sounds like a good idea.


Eric talks great pride in fidelity and that is something that I can vouch for having seen many women trying court Eric’s attention, which he has always declined. In many cases he doesn’t even look at the opposite sex and he will never do so in Sophie’s presence.


Sophie’s friends are vitally important to her and she loves the fact that Eric understands that and makes a real effort with them. She knows that deep down there are many of her friends who he simply doesn’t like but she respects the fact that he won’t say anything because he knows that they are very important people in her life. Again this is something which I’ve struggled with in the past and would usually be open and honest about who I didn’t like.


Both Eric and Sophie have spoken since early in their relationship about the importance of keeping things fresh and maintain variety in their relationship. This is something which Eric apparently is very good at and he will often surprise Sophie at work or whisk her away for a surprise weekend. Spontaneity is so important and both parties have a responsibility to keeping the relationship as new and as fresh as they possible can, in order to avoid it becoming mundane.

Finally Sophie talks honesty and how it plays such an important role in any relationship. Both her and Eric encourage honesty with each other and she believes that it is one of the cornerstones of their relationship.

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