Finding True Love and Happiness

Man and Woman Standing Face to Face

Man and Woman Standing Face to Face

The feeling of being in love is one of the most potent chemical reactions on earth! Love has about the same effects that cocaine has on the brain. However, the hardest is answering the question: Why do we fall in love with that person? Ask yourself!

Psychologists have found that men and women tend to form pairs according to several dominant personality traits, influenced by a particular hormone in the brain: We’re a cocktail of hormones. However, what defines a person’s innate personality are based on four hormones: dopamine, testosterone, serotonin, and estrogen. See more here.

Depending on these hormones, four different types of personality are distinguished, the Explorator, the Leader, the Constructor, and the Negotiator. In order to find your true love, it is essential to know yourself and to live in accordance with your own identity.

There is what they call a “harvest time.” We generally fall in love when we are ready. The closest perfect partner can be near you when you enter a room, but you are also not likely to notice him/her if you are not ready to start a new relationship.

Times of transition

We do not know when we are going to be ready; love can come when we least expect it. However, there are some situations in which all four types of personality are incredibly vulnerable and can live this moment creating transitions in your life.

Such moments are: if you just moved to another city, you started college, or you changed your job if you are divorced recently if you have just recovered from a failed relationship. You are more likely to fall in love during these times. This sensitivity is probably based on a chemical component. Transitions generate strong stress and emotions.

Anxiety, panic, terror, anger, jealousy, exaltation, all activate in the brain specific chemical systems that can stimulate passion. Therefore, while you are struggling with the changes that life brings, circuits in your brain responsible for stimulation, energy, concentration, and motivation can push you to the brink of love. War undoubtedly raises the romantic passion.

Two People Forming Heart Sign to Sun

Types of personality

Dr. Helen Fisher, an expert in the study of the nature of love and attraction, believes that every kind of character fall in love in times of stress or joy for somewhat different reasons.

  • Leader – correlated with testosterone hormone activity
  • Builder – associated with serotonin hormone activity
  • Negotiator – associated with estrogen hormone activity
  • Explorator – correlated with dopamine hormone activity

Explorers love change, and new, unpredictable situations give them shivers. In this refreshing state, they can become even more flexible and optimistic than usual, observing individuals they would have overlooked at a less exciting moment.

Builders, on the other hand, need order and stability. So, as they become more agitated under stress, they will probably get a partner while stranded in an island after a shipwreck.

Leaders are rescuers. They want to be useful because they feel that they need to. So, they can fall in love while helping others.

Check this out:

Moreover, as Negotiators become extraordinarily anxious and emotional under challenging times, they are likely to use the standard response, tend and befriend, to try to build deep relationships with others.

However, the passion for those around us is probably not a coincidence. People with similar interests and knowledge, age and physical likeness, tend to frequent the same places. “Study of Personality Types” shows that Explorers and Negotiators prefer to live in big cities, Builders are attracted to suburbs, while Leaders choose the mountains.

With all the information at hand, you can see which type of personality you have and see how this leads to finding true love and happiness. In each of us, there are four types of typology to a greater or lesser extent, but our personality is dominated by two of them.

Psychologists found that:

  • Explorers tend to be attracted by Explorers.
  • Constructors are attracted to Builders
  • Negotiators prefer Leaders
  • Also, Leaders like the Negotiators.

Finding love is a complicated process. It is not in vain to speak so much about this subject. When after many dates you still feel that you have not found the right one, you risk losing your hope even if you believe so much in this unique feeling.

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