Only the Best for Your Loved One: How to Choose a Great Drug Rehab Center


If you have a loved one who suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, you’re not alone.

In fact, one out of seven people in the United States will experience substance addiction in their lifetime. And, unfortunately, only ten percent of those addicts receive the care they need.

Don’t let the people you love become a part of this devastating statistic. Connect them with a treatment center as soon as possible to start their journey to recovery.

We understand that finding the perfect facility can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Keep reading to learn about how to find a great rehab center near you. Let’s dive in.

Start with Qualifications

The most important thing to look for when searching for a rehab center is the necessary certifications. You’ll need to look for state and national licensing to ensure that the rehab center you choose is legitimate.

You’ll also want to make sure that the staff members have the right qualifications. Addiction counselors may have the following credentials:

  • CCDP (Certified Co-occurring Disorders Counselor)
  • LADC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor)
  • CAC (Certified Addictions Counselor)
  • LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)

Finding a treatment center that meets a high standard of both state and national certifications will ensure that your loved one is in good hands.


There are over 14,500 rehab facilities in the United States. With so many to choose from, the search can feel overwhelming.

Looking for a local rehab center can narrow down your search. Check online to see which treatment centers are within driving distance from you and your loved one.

Sometimes, it’s easier to convince someone to enter into treatment if it’s closer to their friends and family.

Decide Between an Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Center

An inpatient drug rehab center is a treatment facility where an individual is a resident during treatment. An outpatient drug rehab center is a facility where an individual receives part-time treatment.

Deciding which kind of program is right for your loved one depends on their needs and preferences. Once you decide which is best, research centers online to find out more about the best inpatient and outpatient programs near you.

Addicts Need Lifelong Support

After your loved one’s treatment is complete, it’s important to remember that their healing isn’t. People who suffer from addiction need lifelong support to stay healthy and sober.

In rehab, addicts learn how to break bad habits and change their behavior. Outside of rehab, they need help and protection from their loved ones to continue to recover.

Stay Strong

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is something no one should have to experience. But thankfully, with the right treatment, there is hope for lifelong recovery.

When choosing a rehab center for the addict in your life, remember to start by checking for the appropriate credentials. Decide whether an inpatient or outpatient program is best and then search online to find a conveniently located treatment center. 

Want to learn more? Check our articles about addiction for tons of information, resources, and support. And remember, you’re not alone!

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