Get High in Style: Must-Have Accessories for Medical Marijuana Users


Since becoming legal, medical marijuana in the US has generated over $4.5 million dollars. If you’ve recently got your medical card, you’ll need to right kit to get started.

You may know the basics about smoking weed, but it can get a little boring after a while. You deserve to smoke up in style.

Looking for some weed accessories to spice up your smoke? Read on for 5 of the best you need to try out.

1. Get a Bong

The humble bong is an all-time classic way to smoke weed. For a long time, people have enjoyed hitting a bong and relaxing into their evening.

The best thing about bongs is that there is a huge variety of them to buy. You can find some unique bongs on Empire Glassworks that help give yours a splash of personality. 

No matter what your budget is, you can find a great bong out there to suit your needs. They can offer a great high and they are a must-have for every weed smoker.

2. Vape It

Another great way to smoke your weed is by using a vape pen. When you vaporize, it gives off no smoke so it’s a lot easier on your lungs.

Vapes work by heating up the weed enough to release the THC in it but doesn’t burn it. Depending on the kind of vape you get, it can offer you a much stronger high than smoking it.

You can also get a whole bunch of different vape flavors to make the taste more enjoyable. The best part is that vaping doesn’t release that tell-tale weed smell, so it’s much more discreet! 

3. Use Marijuana Containers

If you’re using medical marijuana, you’re going to need to bring it on the go. But keeping it safe and secure can be tricky if you’re traveling with lots of other stuff in your bag.

Make sure to invest in a marijuana container. These help you store your nugs in a safe place and they don’t release any smells of weed. They’re perfect for traveling and give you peace of mind even on long journeys.

You can even find some with a grinder built-in, which makes them way more convenient.

4. Pack a Grinder Card

One of the most annoying parts of smoking is when you forget to pack a grinder with you. The last thing you want to do it try and find creative ways to grind without one.

Make sure to get yourself a grinder card. These fit right in your wallet and look like a credit card, but works more like a mini cheese grater. 

They work great in a pinch and they’re much less bulky than a regular weed grinder. They work super fast too and within seconds you’ll have a perfectly ground pile of weed ready to go.

5. Use a Rolling Machine

We don’t all like to admit it, but despite all the practice, some of us still aren’t great at rolling. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be perfect at it to smoke up.

A rolling machine is the perfect way around this problem. They are easy to use and makes rolling the perfect joint effortless.

It takes a try or two to get it perfect, but once you do get the hang of it, you’ll never go back.

You Need to Invest in these Weed Accessories

There are a lot of creative ways to consume marijuana and these accessories make it so much easier. These weed accessories make transporting and smoking much better. One thing’s for sure, you won’t regret buying them.

Want to know about the current state of recreational marijuana? Check out our blog post which explores how it might become legal around the world.

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