Travis Cadman – Small Tricks That Will Help You To Sell Your Home

Selling your home is not easy and by far the toughest part is actually showing off your home to people. Assuming that you are living in the property, this is a key part of selling the home and you need to place a lot of emphasis on making sure that you get this just right. Presenting your property to viewers is a careful art and something of a beautiful fraud that you are presenting. This is not to say that you lie to your viewers of course, far from it in fact, it is about putting them in the right frame of mind to make a smart decision about whether or not the property is for them. We spoke to real estate expert and mortgage lender Travis Cadman about what people should be doing to entice the viewers.


Smells really do work when people come to view the property and this is because it gives them a mental idea of what it would be like to feel homely in your property. Bread and fresh coffee are the best smells, any kind of baking is also something which people find incredibly endearing. The smell thing works both ways however and whilst you should be looking to make your home smell as beautiful as possible, you also need to avoid it smelling bad. Get rid of any odors by boiling up some water and vinegar in the kitchen.


Replacing the light switches and plug sockets around the home is a great hack to make your home look more attractive. The same can be said for replacing taps around the home. The reason why these help is because when someone views your property, they are making mental notes about what they need to fix or replace if they were to buy. Your job is to keep the number of items that need to be replaced to a minimum.


If you haven’t done so already then you should try to repaint a lot of the doors in the home, including the front door. It is very cheap and easy to give the doors in the home and the cupboard doors a lick of paint, which will ensure that they look fresh and clean. A job which you can achieve in just a few hours, and could be the difference between you selling the home or not.


First impressions are very important when someone is coming to look at a property so you need to make sure that you have spent a bit of time on the front of the house and the entrance. We have already mentioned painting the front door and you should also make sure that the garden looks in good shape. Pretty gardens are something which many house-hunters across the USA look for so that is where you should start. Beyond this add some fresh flowers to the entrance and make sure that when the front door is opened, everything that can be seen is clean and tidy.

Follow these tips and you may find yourself a buyer sooner than you thought.


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