5 Tips For Bonding With Your Baby

It’s not uncommon for new moms to find themselves with their new baby and lacking a bond. Despite being happy that their bundles of joy have arrived, they don’t necessarily feel overwhelmed with bliss.

Don’t worry; if this sounds like you, these are not uncommon feelings. You’re not alone, and it’s not rare to feel a lack of bonding in the beginning. The great news is that there are ways to bond with your baby to increase your feeling of connection. Take a look at some of the best ways to do so.

Sleep Together

Studies show that sleeping with your baby is a great way to connect through touch. A lot of parents hesitated the idea of cosleeping because they fear it may teach their baby bad habits. However, just because you choose to sleep with your baby, in the beginning doesn’t mean that you can’t transition them to a crib later on.

In fact, many parents find that safe co-sleeping during the first few months of life can help them get in more hours of sleep. Since babies are reassured by the closeness of their parents, they tend to sleep longer than in their own beds.

Talk To Your Baby

Even though your baby may not necessarily have the basics of language down yet, it doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from you talking to them. Every time that you talk, your baby recognizes your voice. When they hear you speaking, it doesn’t just reassure them, but they begin to make associations with who you are. It also helps them start to understand words.

Make Plenty Of Eye Contact

Although babies may not see everything entirely clearly in the beginning, eye contact is an important part of connection. When holding your baby, make sure that you look directly into their eyes and try to hold their gaze if you can. Looking at you will start to give them comfort and establish a connection between the two of you.


Some parents have multiple family members or even nannies who help with their babies in the beginning. Although help is a wonderful luxury, it’s important that you and your partner give the majority of the feedings. Feedings build bonds between the baby and whoever is giving them their food. While giving feedings, make sure that you’re making eye contact and keeping them close. Feedings are supposed to be a soothing and calming experience.

Hold Your Baby

Some people have the misconception that babies can be spoiled. Then are falsely taught that babies who are held too often may become spoiled. The truth is that you can never give your baby too much love. Hold your baby and look after their needs as much as you want. In the end, your baby will love you for it.


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