You Will Never Stop Playing With These Puzzles For Free Downloaded To Your Phone

Do you seek to play puzzles for free but do not know which app to download? Then you are in the right place. Studies show puzzle games are the best way to relax, pass the time, and tap into one’s creativity.

With this in mind, you should ensure you have at least one puzzle game on your phone. And not just any app, but one that will leave you wanting more

About Make It True – Solve the Circuit

In this game, you will play an assistant engineer’s role, with a straightforward task – develop, assemble, and configure the robot. All you have to do is encrypt and decrypt the signal to make the circuit work and replace broken items.

If you would like to get a little insight on how electronics work, then download this app. The game mirrors real logic gates, where the microchips are built. Playing will shed light on the basics of circuitry.

Downloading the free is 100% free, and so is the passage. You will have hundreds of exciting levels with many elements that will not let you get bored. Though it may appear cliché to others, the black theme protects your eyes and helps prolong your battery.


  • Hundreds of interesting levels
  • Multiple elements so you will not get bored
  • Two game modes
  • Black theme
  • Many solutions for each level

Logic Puzzle Kingdom

Download this app to enjoy solving a variety of mind-boggling logic puzzles. You can never get bored with the Logic Puzzle Kingdom app on your phone with eight different logic puzzles to choose from.

All the puzzles require logic – not random guesses. They include Inertia, Tic-Tac-Toe, Sudoku, Hitori, Net, and its stepbrother Wrapped Net, SameGame, and Range – the latest addition.

With this app, you will have a collection of different puzzle game types at your fingertips at no charge at all—no need to download multiple applications to access each of the games.


  • Eight different logic puzzles
  • Five difficulty levels
  • Endless challenges

Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist

This is a logic game boasting unique and tricky questions that demand a creative approach. However, you do not need to be a genius to play as the gameplay is relatively straightforward.

There are 200+ unusual and funny problems. The trick is to carefully follow the instructions and use multiple creative approaches to reach the solution. View your performance history by clicking on the performance tracking and cognitive statistics tab.

Plus, you can compare your progress against other players from across the globe, thanks to the app’s global leaderboard and starboard. Each puzzle has a time limit, with the option to play against another player.


  • Multilanguage support
  • 200+ puzzles
  • Keeps performance stats
  • Compete against time and other players
  • Stunning graphics with fun music and sound effects


You can play puzzle games on your phone any time you are free. They help you relieve stress, and at the same time, spend time with friends, or make new ones. Download the recommended apps, and we can promise you will not be disappointed.

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