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Social media has become one of the fastest growing industries and one that many companies should be taking advantage off as a free marketing tool for their goods and services. Surprisingly, some business doesn’t know some of the tips that we have created below for them to use whilst marketing their content on social media and so we’ve created some tips on how to best use social media for your business. Social media has grown so much in such a short period of time due to the rapid rise in

Almost every interaction we make with the internet these days starts with a search—typically on Google (though other search engines obviously exist). Unless you already know a specific site address, chances are you’ll type a generic search term into a search engine and wait for it to generate pages of clickable links. What is SEO? SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of getting a website or individual site pages to the top of search results and can have a huge bearing on whether your site is found. It is

While most online entrepreneurs are familiar with SEO, some people know just how it works and how an entrepreneur can use it to drive traffic to their sites or landing pages. Today, we had a very insightful interview about SEO with digital marketing expert and a well-respected direct-response marketer, Nimrod Santo. Nimrod Santo, it’s a pleasure having you here. Is SEO still worth it today? Nimrod: SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. People go to the internet to find answers and fulfill their needs and desires. If you

It would be easy to say that there are so many people on Facebook right now that almost everyone can be found on Facebook. More than 50% of people say that they check their Facebook every day. There are a lot of people who may put their attention on Facebook but it also cannot be denied that there are so many things that can be seen on Facebook that some things will go unnoticed. Marketers should always make an effort to look into how they can market their brand and

If you own a business and you are looking to grow, one of the best ways is to apply review marketing. Review marketing is nothing but an effective way to display customers’ trust and drive revenue with reviews. A progressive business will always be looking for a continuous evaluation of the market and amend their business plan according to the feedback and the market position. Market reviews and complaints generally show an accurate picture of your product from the customer’s point of view and the market place of your business.

Thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana in over ten states, the cannabis industry has seen booming success within the last decade. Everyone from investors to horticultural enthusiasts are cashing in on the monetary and medicinal benefits of this plant, but “making it” in the space certainly isn’t an easy gig. Because cannabis is still considered illegal on a federal level, there are seemingly endless restrictions on how cannabis vendors and producers can market and sell their products. Digital marketing is especially challenging, which poses a huge sales problem because

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