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Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business - LYFE Marketing

Social media has become one of the fastest growing industries and one that many companies should be taking advantage off as a free marketing tool for their goods and services. Surprisingly, some business doesn’t know some of the tips that we have created below for them to use whilst marketing their content on social media and so we’ve created some tips on how to best use social media for your business.

Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business - LYFE Marketing

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Our first tip when it comes to social media for your business would be to ensure that you are creating original content so that your followers aren’t seeing you copy any of your competitors and that your content stick out amongst the rest of your industry. Copying content is the worst way for you to market your brand.

Using a social media that suites your business goals is a great starter when it comes to creating your accounts. Facebook is perfect for a wide audience due to it being the most active social, Instagram is perfect for sharing images of your products and LinkedIn is great for business-to-business sales if your business predominantly sells straight to businesses.

Also, with content, ensuring that it is engaging, informative and educating is another way to keep your following interested in your page, website and products. Content that isn’t just promotional but actually teaching people about your industry is a great way to create a good following.

Next up would be to schedule your content to be released automatically through the use of a social media manager such as Hootsuite. This means that you can plan your content in advance and get it to be released on a schedule so you can do it all in one load, so it is time saving.

Once your content is all aligned, scheduling it on a time frame in which your followers will expect your content to be released is a good way to keep them engaged too. If you post 3 times a week at the time same time then followers can expect your posts then and will know that they can be regularly updated with new products, sales or just general information.


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