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If you’ve been anywhere close to the world of digital marketing in the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard of the term “buyer persona”. It’s become common parlance and it bandied about as if it’s as common term as ‘ice cream’ or ‘coffee’ are. However, not all people – be they in digital marketing, small business owners or freelancers – know exactly what it means. What is a buyer persona? The term ‘buyer persona’ refers to a complete representation of a user group’s demographics, psychographics, needs as well as

The world of advertising used to be available only to select businesses that could afford to pay for slots in newspapers, radios, or television stations. However, the advent of the internet and digital advertising gave small businesses a chance to advertise their products to the masses. What are the benefits of digital advertising for small businesses and startups? Read on to find out. Budget-Friendly   In the world of traditional advertising, putting an advert on the radio, television, or newspaper costs a lot of money. Therefore, only businesses with a

Most lawyers spend little time on digital marketing. Even those who maintain a website are likely not investing in SEO. But a lawyer who does not give importance to the value of SEO will miss out on valuable opportunities. Your online presence will not lead to intended results without the help of digital marketing and SEO. In the simplest of terms, here are the reasons why an SEO service is crucial for every law practice. Increase publicity and gain more clients If you are already investing in traditional advertising, it

No matter the nature of the business you’re involved in, you can’t deny the powers of public relations. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Relating to the public should be the main goal of any business, especially since the public is what allows you to profit and actually have a business model to follow. We’ve established the significance of public relations, but another important thing to remember is that not every PR agency will do the job effectively. Only the top PR agents should be considered to help with offers powerful solutions and strategies for all digital marketing issues and concerns. The services provided by iWon are driven by in-depth understanding of client marketing objectives and back-up by over 15 years of experience. Mid Valley City KL: digital marketing is pleased to announce that the firm offers top tier SEO Malaysia services to customers. Search engine optimization is just one of the digital marketing strategies offered to customers. The online marketing services help to push clients past their competitors, regardless of the industry. The firm has skills

You’ve heard the acronym before. And you know that “C” stands for Customer. But, what is CRM? CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a business software that helps organizations to maximize their interaction with current and potential customers. But there is more to a CRM, than what catches the eye. You know how in the Wizard of Oz, everything’s in black and white until Dorothy arrives in the magical world of Oz? Well, it was the same with marketing until CRMs “barged in.” Today, CRM technology is

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