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Social media is now huge with the popular platforms having literally millions of active users. Instagram for example has over 800 million people who use it regularly; a staggering figure. Of course, one aspect of social media that many love is building up a large number of followers to engage with. This can soon lead to your every post being liked or commented on by others in a positive way. For some, this can even begin to earn them money and can become a full-time career! If you think this

When you’re writing product descriptions for your ecommerce site, it’s important to tout the benefits shoppers will derive from owning your products. Yes, features are important too, but only in so much as they generate the benefits. With this in mind, finding the benefits in your product becomes essential to moving a shopper to conversion. Let’s say you’re shopping for a new car. While you might think you’re looking for a car, what you’re really looking for is transportation that will be at your beck and call whenever you decide

The process of developing an app is challenging, to be sure. But the greatest test comes after launch: Can your app find success in today’s competitive market? In a world where even app discoverability is increasingly more elusive—let alone sustained user engagement over time—effective marketing is absolutely crucial in connecting users to your apps. But marketing your app costs time and money, so it pays to make sure you’re getting the optimal outcome for the most efficient ad spend. This is where analytics for mobile app performance and marketing enter

Most businesses nowadays rely on a thorough and well-planned online presence in order to serve their customers. In many cases, this includes some type of e-shop, a website where potential and existing customers can get in touch with your company, or a blog that keeps clients up to date on developments in your field. But as the recent wave of cybersecurity incidents shows, when you have an online presence, you are also vulnerable to attacks by individuals who are eager to get a hold of the data you are storing

Every organization has master data that needs to be managed through consistency and improved quality so as to continue functioning effectively and efficiently. They require business aspects and applications such as processes optimization, ERP systems, business intelligence, compliance with rules and regulations, and the ability to view a client in a single view. These seem to be complex goals. However, if an organization can make use of a good Master Data Management (MDM), it becomes easier to achieve these goals. Master data management can be defined as the tool, process

  It is frustrating to know that after working hard on your marketing campaign, you end up with no one even taking time to look at what you did. For instance, if you decided to use banners, you might have expected that once they were out, people would look at them, and your company’s popularity would increase. Before you blame the idea of using banners for advertising as the culprit, you need to know if you made the right banner. Even now, many companies still use banners for advertising, and

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