Six Ways To Use Social Media Like an Influencer

Social media is now huge with the popular platforms having literally millions of active users. Instagram for example has over 800 million people who use it regularly; a staggering figure. Of course, one aspect of social media that many love is building up a large number of followers to engage with. This can soon lead to your every post being liked or commented on by others in a positive way. For some, this can even begin to earn them money and can become a full-time career!

If you think this sounds far-fetched then consider Instagram influencer Rachel Brathen who is believed to charge over $20,000 for just one post! When you look at it like that, using social media like an influencer can really pay off. But just how do you go about it?

Use your social media accounts like a pro

Of course, you may simply want to begin using your social media accounts more effectively to get your content seen by more people or to attract more followers. Whatever the reasons you want to post like an influencer, the below tips should help.

  • Post about your passions – the best influencers on social media will post about things that matter to them. Even if it is talking about a product they use, it will still be something that they care about or believe in. This is one tip to take on-board yourself as it will not only make what you post more engaging but will make people warm to you as well. Social media is a world where other users will spot if you are simply posting content that you do not really care about for more views. By posting about your authentic passions, that will be avoided.
  • Share expert knowledge and interesting content – the role of a social media influencer is to be someone who others trust and look to for expert knowledge. That means you have to do the same and use social media like the established influencers. When you post content make sure it is correct, and that it imparts some kind of useful knowledge to your audience. Of course, it should also be interesting. The best influencers get the mix right between fun and usefulness – try to achieve that balance.
  • Talk to people – you can only ever influence others by engaging with them. To use your social media accounts like a pro, you need to actually get involved with other users. Take part in conversations, re-post content you like with additional comments and always respond to people who communicate with you. This will help to build up trust and respect towards you while raising your online profile.
  • Make sure to post consistently – this is perhaps THE best tip when trying to use social media like an influencer. The best influencers have a posting schedule across their accounts, and they stick to it. This helps them connect with their followers and get more views as people know when to expect new content from them. While you want to post consistently, be careful not to over saturate your accounts. This can actually have the effect of overloading your followers and putting them off. Try to get the balance right and you will be fine – most influencers will go for one or two posts each day as a rule.
  • Use hashtags – hashtags are a way of helping other users quickly find your content that many social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram provide. These can help you get your content heard by more people so are worth using with each post. Just remember to pick the hashtags you use carefully – as well as being popular, they must fit the content.

Use video content on your social media accounts

This is a clever trick that all influencers use to attract followers and to secure more engagement on their posts. On Twitter for example, it has been found that tweets with video content get re-tweeted up to six times more than tweets with photo content attached. This means that using engaging and interesting video content on your social media posts is vital. But how do you go about creating fresh videos to post? Whether it is video for Facebook or YouTube, online video creating solutions are the best bet. Many are not only free to use but give quick, amazing looking results.

Great hacks to use social media like an expert

If you have always wanted to have lots of followers and to rule social media like the best influencers, then the above tips will help. They will help you to connect with more people in a way that really works. Before long, you will be the person who others look to for help.

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