What Your Choice of Holster Design Suggests about Your Personality

What Your Choice of Holster Design Suggests about Your Personality

If you are a gun owner, then you’ll know that there are many different types of gun holsters for you to choose from. You might find that you enjoy using a pancake holster while your gun owner friends prefer using a shoulder holster to carry their gun. Here, we are going to discuss what your choice of gun holster design says about your personality. Keep reading to find out more and get some insights.

Shoulder Holster

If you are a keen shoulder holster owner, then you might find that you like to carry full-size handguns around with you. People who tend to wear these types of holsters do so because they need their guns to be concealed under their business attire for their personal protection. Perhaps you are the business type who wears fancy clothes and likes nice things.

Pancake Holster

Is a pancake holster your choice of holster design? If so, then you might find that this means that you like more of the modern things in life and aren’t interested in having a holster that is wrapped around your whole body. People who own pancake holsters for their guns like to be able to grab their gun in a matter of seconds and this type of holster allows for that.


Ankle Holster

The next type of gun holster design that we are going to discuss is the ankle holster which is very popular for many people. When you own an ankle, you might consider yourself a gun enthusiast who has multiple weapons. Ankle holsters tend to be more practical for a secondary or backup weapon, so this might mean that you are someone who needs to protect someone or themselves.

Duty Holster

The final type of gun holster that we are going to talk you through is a duty holster. This type of holster makes your gun readily accessible while making it difficult for others to steal the gun at the same time. This type of holster is typical for those who tend to need to use their gun a lot more often and those who want to show off. You might find that police officers or others on duty might use this type of holster for protection. Owners of a duty holster tend to have a protective side to their personality.

Final Verdict

Depending on your personality and your day-to-day life you might find that you choose a different gun holster to others around you. It is interesting to look at the different types of holsters and figure out what they say about the person using them. Those who go for a duty holster might be a little more confident about using their gun than those who conceal it under their clothing with a shoulder holster. Take a look at your gun holster collection and think about what it says about your personality. Consider using this guide to make your next big gun holster purchase.

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