Reasons Why People Ignore Your Company’s Banner Ads


It is frustrating to know that after working hard on your marketing campaign, you end up with no one even taking time to look at what you did. For instance, if you decided to use banners, you might have expected that once they were out, people would look at them, and your company’s popularity would increase.

Before you blame the idea of using banners for advertising as the culprit, you need to know if you made the right banner. Even now, many companies still use banners for advertising, and they always attribute a part of their campaign’s success to the use of these banners. Therefore, if you feel like your campaign did not work, it might have something to do with the content.

Boring and unattractive

When you decide to use a banner, you will put it up next to other banners and posters. The key is for your banner to stand out. If you create something that is boring and generic, people will ignore it. Even if something is interesting in it, they won’t have a second look because it is not appealing to them.

No special information

Compare a banner with a sign that says “sale” or “discount” and something that does not. You will find that more people are responsive to those words. Determine what appeals to your target audience, and make sure that you use those words in your banner. However, be careful in using those words only to bait them. If you promise them something, you have to follow through, or else you will disappoint them.

Wrong location

There are key places where people will quickly notice your banners. If you hang them in an area where there are tons of other banners, they will most likely overlook yours. Furthermore, if you hang them in places where not a lot of people are passing by, or they are too busy when passing by the said area, those banners will be useless. Survey critical locations first before you decide which is the best place for your banners.

Low-quality printers

The banners need to be sharp and crisp if you want people to notice them. The colours need to be vibrant and clear even from afar. If you use low-quality banner printers, it will show. Your banners will look paler and duller compared with other banners. It will also reflect on your business as some people will conclude that you don’t have enough investment even to afford a quality printing service.

These are only some of the most popular issues in the use of banners making people ignore the ads. You need to evaluate the banners you put up and make sure that you change them if they are not effective. Before you print the banners, consult with the other employees in your team and ask for their opinion. They might tell you what could go wrong regarding the choice of words or the images used. You need an editing eye for banners to be effective.

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