Success Story: How John Crestani Discovered His “Work At Home Secrets”

Not many people can claim to have achieved what John Crestani has achieved in a short span. While he was quite young, he struggled with making enough income. Several years seemed quite uncertain for him during that time, yet, John was able to turn around his situation and make himself into a success story.

After attaining success, John decided to write a book named “Work At Home Secrets” to help other people attain financial sufficiency. This book was essentially a product of John’s several years of experience and there is a much deeper story behind it.

Who is John Crestani?

For many people, John Crestani is no strange name. This is basically because John Crestani is internationally renowned in the field of internet entrepreneurship.

He especially specializes in affiliate marketing and connecting people to products around the world. Over the years, John has managed to not only exponentially increase his income, but also attract significant attention.

His success story has drawn so many people, even to the extent of being featured on Forbes. Nowadays, John tries to pass down the knowledge he has accumulated in affiliate marketing to newer entrepreneurs.

Life in The Corporate World

As with any success story, John Crestani did not start his career in such an appealing state and things only got worse for him. At the early stages of his career, John worked a regular 9-5 job that was not only restrictive but also didn’t generate that much income.

He was working with a marketing firm in Los Angeles and was quite good at his job. Unfortunately for him, this did not matter much as his life took a turn for the worse when he got fired.

At this point, John was lost and seemingly hopeless. He was drifting from gig to gig simply to keep himself afloat. This was when John Crestani really decided to explore affiliate marketing.

Discovering Work At Home Secrets: A Journey Through Affiliate Marketing

Having read a life-changing book on internet marketing a few years before, John was bent on pursuing the dream of becoming an affiliate marketer and he did just that. John already had a bit of experience in online advertising from his previous job. So, he channeled this skill into building his own affiliate marketing network.

John quickly learned the ropes of the affiliate marketing space and leveraged the fact that he did not need to spend so much time and resources developing and maintaining an inventory. As a result, he was able to attain success quickly and rapidly increase his income even just within his first few years as an affiliate marketer.

He was able to learn from his mentor and avoid many mistakes while learning from the few he made. This way, John had identified some of the most effective techniques in internet marketing which he used to create a robust affiliate marketing network that could scale easily.

All of these experiences are what culminated into the book “Work At Home Secrets”. John wrote this book to share his lessons with others and help them attain financial freedom with internet marketing.


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