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There are countless reasons for traveling to Germany. Apart from being one of the things that make people happy, amazing culinary delights and the beautifully diverse landscapes, it’s the cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich, which attract thousands of tourists every year. But then again … why swim with the masses if there are so many hidden gems away from the beaten tracks? The city of Stuttgart is one of these places. Full of history (especially for car enthusiasts), home to an amazing music scene, a true foodies’ paradise and you’ll hear one of the most unique German dialects ever: “Schwäbisch”!

First things first: A place to stay

Finding a nice Hotel in Stuttgart is easy! Depending on your style and – of course – your travel budget, you may choose between luxurious 5* resorts, enchanting boutique hotels, friendly guesthouses, and charming hostels. The “Althoff Hotel am Schlossgarten” is the most prominent address in town. Each of the 102 rooms and suites will exceed even the highest expectations – Furthermore, it is home to one of the best gourmet restaurants in Stuttgart. If you don’t want to spend your entire travel budget for a luxurious hotel room but you still wish to pamper yourself, you’ll love the boutique hotel “Der Zauberlehrling” (The Magician’s Apprentice). Much more affordable but just as enchanting is the “Gästehaus Andrea”. This sweet little B&B is run by Andrea and Michael who will welcome you as friends and make you feel right at home. A real Stuttgart insider tip!

And then there’s the food …

Foodies, gourmets, and culinary explorers will have the time of their lives in Stuttgart. You’ll find plenty of authentic restaurants where you may dive into the unique delicacies the city and the region have to offer. If you’re traveling alone and feel like experiencing a spontaneous romantic dinner date in Stuttgart with a beautiful German model, just pick up the phone! The city is home to one of the most renowned escort agencies in Germany that will arrange everything for your rendezvous. However, back to the initial topic: food! For a real high-class dining experience, you’ll find 16 restaurants in and around the city with one Michelin star. One of the coolest and most unique among them is the restaurant “5”. If you’re looking for some traditional dishes like “Maultaschen” or “Kässpätzle”, you should book a table in the “Schäffele”. This rustic place will serve you regional dishes that will make your taste buds applaud and leave a satisfied smile on your face. After a hearty lunch, you could walk off some of the gained calories. And as the “Schäffele” is close to the Karlshöhe – one of the most famous of many viewpoints in Stuttgart –– it’s time to discover the city.

Stuttgart: city of stairs & home of the automobile

Stuttgart is built in a valley basin and famous for its breath-taking viewpoints like the “Eugensplatz” the “Teehaus im Weißenburgpark” or the famous “Karlshöhe”. Ideal locations to enjoy some time out from the hustle and bustle of the city. But to get there, you’ll need to conquer plenty of stairs, the so-called “Stäffele” – Stuttgart host over 20 km of these small, steep and at times quite challenging stairs. So, remember to pack some comfortable hiking shoes for this trip! If from downtown Stuttgart you walk up to one of the higher viewpoints, you’ll literally feel how much fresher the air gets with every step. Stuttgart’s downside is its huge number of cars. And due to the geographical structure of the city, the air in the city centre can get quite thick. Considering the history of Stuttgart, the locals’ love for cars comes as no surprise.

Stuttgart is home to two of the most famous car brands of the world! One of the first things you will see when visiting this city is the super-sized trademark of Mercedes-Benz dominating Stuttgart’s skyline. It is here, where Carl Benz – the inventor of the first automobile – and Gottlieb Daimler launched their car production on a bigger scale. And Stuttgart is also home to THE German super car: Porsche! So if you fancy a test drive with one of the most iconic cars of the world, you can book a test drive with the Porsche of your choice directly in Stuttgart.

After this thrilling ride, the cities nightlife awaits you! Stuttgart has it all – from cool hip-hop clubs, like the “Schräglage”, to the rather electro-orientated “Lehmann Club”, and the legendary rock club “Zwölfzehn”. If you just want to hang out, meet people, maybe learn one or two words in the local dialect “Schwäbisch” and have a chilled time, check out the cool bars around the “Hans-im-Glück-Brunnen”.

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