Remote Entrepreneur Exploring the Midwest? 3 Reasons to Visit Minnesota

If you have the luxury of living the remote work dream, you should consider yourself lucky.

It’s the sort of lifestyle that makes so many traditional office-dwellers green with envy, and likewise affords you to define where you want to be productive.

This also affords you the opportunity to take some awesome work-based trips or staycations to smash through plateaus and enjoy a new setting. Doing exactly that can work wonders for your productivity and allow you see new cities simultaneously.

Hungry for a new place to explore and get down to work? For those in the Midwest, look no further than the great state of Minnesota for your next place to mix business and pleasure. Below we’ve broken down the three reasons why you should show the Gopher State some love for your next business adventure.

Plenty of Spots for Camping

For entrepreneurs looking to embrace the great outdoors, Minnesota represents a brilliant balance between staying connected to your work while also maximizing fun.

Want to stay at a minimalist campground where you can get lost in your thoughts? Check.

Looking to find an RV rental in Minnesota that affords you the connectivity of your home office while staying out in nature? Double check.

Highly RV and tent-friendly alike, you can find both your sense of adventure while also staying in proximity to a bigger city if you need to. In short, you have the freedom to do work and vacation on your terms.

Lovely Lakes and Spectacular Cities

They don’t call it “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” for nothing. As part of giving yourself a break, make it a point to see some of Minnesota’s best lakes. From fishing and kayaking at Lake Calhoun to simply taking a stroll to ease your mind at the beautiful Deer Lake, hitting the water should be a matter of “when,” not “if.” Breathtaking scenery is never too far off in Minnesota, plain and simple.

If you don’t want to stay totally off the beat-and-path the whole time, check out some of the must-see sights and hidden gems of the state as well. Saint Paul and Minneapolis represent hubs of art and culture, only twenty minutes from one-another. Meanwhile, Saint Cloud offers a quaint spot to check out if you need a good dose of civilization.

Plenty of Food and Fun Local Fare

There’s nothing quite like chowing down on a totally new cuisine, and Minnesota most definitely does not disappoint in that department. Fish lovers in particular have a lot to look forward to, including whitefish and lutefisk as part of the state’s most famous cuisine.

Furthermore, staying in proximity to college hubs such as Saint Paul gives you access to a number of awesome co-working spaces and coffee shops to knock out some much-needed work to enjoy local fare. The foodie scene in both Saint Paul and Minneapolis are both bustling, so don’t be afraid to try something new while getting down to business.

Sure, remote workers have no shortage of options when it comes to where they can get their work done. However, a trek to Minnesota is most definitely worth your while whether you’re in a neighboring state or are just passing through: either way, the locals would love to have you!

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