What Makes a Good Marketing Essay?

Many people are familiar with writing essays, but not marketing essays in particular. You need to strategize, collect your facts and relay them in a manner understandable by your audience. You also need to decide what aspects of marketing you want to cover beforehand.

Many marketing essay writers forget that there is more to it than simply having an introduction, middle and the end. You also have to address all the marketing platforms available today and the new trends.

What is the difference between marketing and a sales article/essay?

Many beginners always confuse the difference between sales and marketing. Well, it is simple; marketing deals with people in one region who shares almost the same interests. On the other hand, sales interact with people at intrapersonal levels. Without one, the other would not work sufficiently, so they complement one another. However, when writing a marketing essay, you should note the difference clearly and keep in mind that you will be addressing a group of people or potential buyers at the same time.

How to write an outstanding marketing essay

Writing a marketing essay entails relaying of your facts precisely. Take the steps below:

Introduction. This is where you create a thesis for your essay. Decide on what marketing aspects you want to cover. Lay out the main points precisely so that your audience does not have problems understanding your content. If it is possible, build your essay beginning with logical frameworks that past experts created.

Explain your findings. After conducting a lot of research, explain your findings in this section. Tell your audience how one marketing strategy works and how is more efficient as compared to another in your region. Always provide sufficient information such that your essay does not have any loopholes or questions you do not have answers to.

Provide recommendations. Tell your audience what you think about your findings and give some recommendations. Let your audience determine what is best for their marketing situation. Also, providing a powerful conclusion in this section reminding the reader what you talked about in the earlier parts of your essay.

What are some of the marketing platforms used today?

Just as technology and other factors have evolved, the marketing section has also improved a lot. Today, it is possible to reach out to your audience instantly, market your services and have potential buyers/clients inquiring about your goods and services.

Here are some of the modern platforms of marketing:

Social media. Many people use their smartphones to log into social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube amongst other thanks to the development of technology. As a marketer, you can take advantage of social media to market your services because it is a sure way to reach your audience and get their opinion instantly. For instance, Facebook has a feature that allows people to “go live.” With this feature, you can record something about your services, post it online and you will have people watching it instantaneously. People can also like, comment and share your video making it go viral. When preparing a marketing essay, it is almost useless if you do not appreciate the power of social media.

Mobile adverts. As social media continue to rule the internet, mobile adverts make sure that you can reach more people even when they are offline. Brands can send mobile phone users Short Messages marketing their services. The brands can also narrow their marketing to a specific group of people, which is what marketing is all about.

Offline marketing is still a thing. Yes, it is true that more people are moving away from newspapers and consumer magazines but radios still have their influence, and they continue to grow as well. When writing a marketing academic essay, do not overrule the influence that the traditional methods still have on marketing.


Writing a professional marketing paper is not as hard even though some people always confuse it with sales articles. The difference, even though it is a little bit confusing, is there. Marketing deals with a bigger region as opposed to sales that interact with potentials clients/customers at intrapersonal levels. A good marketing essay should also appreciate the latest marketing trends and how marketers can reach out to more potential customers/clients.

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