Reasons Why You Should Fish When Traveling

Backpacking through Malaysia, you will notice an abundance of fish, especially in a few particular regions. There are fish markets, fishing boats, fishing charters and tours around the country. Fish are a healthy food option for people as well, considering they are high in protein and low in fat or cholesterol.

Eating fish is not only good for your body, but in cases like Malaysia, it’s a great way to take part in the country’s culture. The fish industry is a big part of the economy, given its widespread appeal around the country. In addition to eating fish, travelers can also go on a few fishing expeditions to find out what the process of catching the fish is like. Not only are fish prominent in Malaysia, but also in other places a few other places around the world. Here is why you should eat fish and go fishing while traveling.

Participating in the culture

Malaysia is among the world’s biggest fish consumers, eating 56.5kg of fish per person a year. In satisfying a love for fish in Malaysia, you are also participating in the culture. Fishing is an important part of the Malaysian economy and is an ideal exotic fishing destination. There are tons of fishing resorts to choose from depending on the city you are passing through, and as a result many fishing spots.

Healthy food

Given the popularity of fish in the country, there are many restaurants people can visit as a tourist to try fish dishes. Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids and various nutrients, making them an important part of people’s diet. Whether you are in Kuala Lumpur or some other city, order at the very minimum one fish dish to experience that aspect of the country’s culture.

Experience new types of fishing

Fishing is a leisure activity enjoyed by many people, and at the very least is a great way to experience Malaysian culture. While Malaysia is known for its exotic fish, there are numerous other fishing experiences that are waiting for you to try them.

Another popular fish destination is Alaska, and unlike Malaysia’s hot and humid weather, Alaska is known for short cool summers and long cold winters. Embarking on a fishing trip in Alaska will be a completely different experience than that in Malaysia as a result. Staying at a beautiful lodge like the Alaska Fishing Lodge is the perfect way to experience what fishing is like in this other country. Even the fish options available will be different depending on the country.

Eating fish and fishing while backpacking through Malaysia is a great way to participate in the country’s economy and culture. Keep in mind that different countries will always offer different fishing experiences. What you experience in Malaysia will be completely different than that from a place like Alaska. In both scenarios, you are outside while fishing and eating a healthy meal when enjoying the food. If it’s an important part of the culture you are visiting, why not give it a try?

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