Experiencing Memphis: 5 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Trip To Memphis

Memphis is one of the USA’s most underrated travel destinations to visit. If you’re interested in discovering why it’s well worth planning an exciting, action packed trip to Memphis, Tennessee, simply continue reading.

Experiencing Memphis: 5 Reasons why you should plan a trip to Memphis 

1. Memphis is home of both rock and roll and blues music

In fact the king of rock Elvis Presley, lived and died in Memphis. Today Elvis’ former home is now a museum which is open to the public and which is a great attraction to visit.

If you’re interested in music history, make sure to take a walk down Beale Street, which is a historic street where early blues artists once flocked to play at local bars. Today Beale Street is still packed full of 1920s inspired restaurants, bars and clubs where you’ll be able to listen to a modern blues band or a Memphis jug band.

If you’d like to tour a well known, historic music studio also make sure to swing by Sun Studio. Which originally opened in 1950 and was visited by music greats such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King and Johnny Cash. Check out, We Are Memphis Events for more on shows and upcoming experiences.

2. Memphis is home to one of top rated zoos in the country

Memphis Zoo is consistently rated as one of the top 10 zoos in the country and is currently home to more than 3,500 animals and 500 species of animals. You can find Memphis Zoo in Overton Park, one of Memphis most picturesque parks as Memphis Zoo has been a long term tenant of Overton Park for over 100 years.

3. Catch a professional league game 

As Memphis boasts three professional league teams, it’s well worth trying to grab a ticket for a professional league game. If you enjoy watching basketball, try to attend a Grizzlies game, while if you prefer following hockey, you may prefer catching a Predators game. Lastly, if your favourite game is football, Memphis also boasts a professional football team, the Tennessee Titans.

4. Memphis boasts a ghost tour, that is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine

Whether you believe in spirits or you simply enjoy hearing bone chilling stories from Memphis’ long history, you may be interested in embarking on a walking ghost tour of Soulsville. So if you don’t scare easily it’s well worth roping your travel companions into accompanying you on a late night escorted ghost tour.

5. Memphis is known for producing mouth watering, delicious food

If you’re a self confessed foodie, you’l also be able to book a Memphis food tour of downtown Memphis. As your guide will be able to show you some of the best local eateries to grab a bite to eat. That you wouldn’t be likely to find on your own. So if you’re a fan of Southern food, you’ll love tasting classic Southern dishes such as hot tamales as well as hearty Memphis style burgers.

So hopefully after reading the five reasons why you should visit Memphis this year and knowing about the Memphis news and history, you’re now convinced that Memphis makes an exciting travel destination.

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