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If you’re single chances are high that you know exactly how hard it can be to meet other single people, let alone find someone who actually has the potential to be your soulmate. No longer are people meeting at dance mixers, having grandmothers find suitable partners (like this) or even just dating someone from work. We work long hours and rarely move too far out of our niche social circle but also don’t stay close to home or family.

It is all these reasons, and more that have led to the increased popularity of dating sites. They are a fantastic resource, and although they once received a poor reputation for being sleezy this is seldom the case now, with large numbers of people meeting their spouse and soulmate online through dating sites.

Reputation Is Everything

If you finally think you might just be brave enough to sign up to a dating site, you may have made the mistake of using google to try and find one. And now you’re here, because you’ve discovered just how many matchmaking sites exist and you’re overwhelmed by the choice. Obviously, some dating sites are better than others, but how do you choose which one is going to help you find the person of your dreams?

Reputation really is everything. Some sites are known for gold diggers, one-night stands and generally undesirable participants. Other sites are full of genuine people, who are open and honest about what they are looking for and about who they are.

There is no tripadvisor for dating sites, so you need to turn to sites like which have guidelines and recommendations for you with in-depth reviews.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing Up

Before you sign up to any dating site be honest with yourself, what are you looking for? Are you looking for a casual friend or a long-term relationship that will hopefully result in marriage and happily ever after? Is having an attractive partner important (and how do you define attractive)? How about education? What level of education or interest in the world should your partner have? Should they be of a certain religion? Or a certain ethnic background?

What to Know Before Signing Up

Have a look at reviews. Does the dating site that you’re looking at joining have happy couples talking about their love match? Is there a free option that gives you a chance to have a look around and get your feet wet, or are you jumping in boots and all? What do you get for your paid membership? Most will offer options for different ways to communicate with people, including text, audio and video. Obviously video means that you’ll know exactly who you are talking with right from the outset, however if you are conversing with someone who has limited ability to converse in your language you may find that a text-based option allows for easier communication.

When you’re looking at reviews, look at how long it will take you to set up your profile. Most people want to get in and get started. Yes, you will want to update your profile and really get that algorithm working in your favour, but initially let’s face it, you just want to start the ball rolling and send messages to people who look interesting. While you’re waiting for them to reply is the perfect time to fill out the rest of your profile (remembering that they probably want to know more about you as well).

Asian Dating

Whether you are Asian yourself or are from another culture but find Asian people undeniably attractive, there are a few things to know when you’re meeting someone through a dating site. Some sites are geared towards making matches between Asian and Western couples. Other sites are more looking to make matches between Asians. But in either case, Asia is a big area and covers a hugely diverse range of cultures. Particularly if you are from outside a particular Asian culture then you will have the joy of a new experience, but politeness does suggest that you try to learn a little about the people you are wanting to meet.

There are thousands of success stories from people who have met through online dating, but there are also a few horror stories, so do your homework, find a reputable site, and enjoy meeting the love of your life.

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