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When my business partner Mack Prioleau and I first started our online business we never really gave too much thought to what the website would look like. Mack has a real gift when it comes to creative design and he was able to use his skill to put together a great looking website. Over the years however we have learned an awful lot about exactly what a great website should look like, and I wanted to share some tips with you today about exactly that. Whether it is a blog or a business site, here are the keys to making sure that it is perfect.


So many people fall into the trap of overcomplicating their website, especially when it comes to the home page. There is of course something to be said for calls to action such as email signups but people are looking for simplicity when it comes to using a website. If a user feels overwhelmed when they hit a site then they are highly likely to move on to another one, a risk you can’t afford to run.


Staying on the subject of simplicity, users also require a website which is easy to navigate, with smart menus that helps them drill down into exactly what they are looking for. Once again there is a temptation here to fill the header, the sidebars and even the footer with menu options, and strictly speaking there is nothing wrong with this, as long as the user is able to navigate the entire site with ease.

Bitesized Information

As soon as the user visits your site, they have to be perfectly well informed of who you are and what you do. Naturally you can go into much more detail on your ‘About’ page, but the visitor should be armed with the basic information about what you and your website are all about. Trying to be mysterious on your website will turn people away, give them the info they need, in a succinct way.


We are living in a time where consumers and web users have more choice than ever before and the result of this is that their patience is significantly lower than it has ever been. It is precisely for this reason that you must ensure your page load time is swift. Any more than 2.5 seconds for a page to load and you run the risk of losing users. Slow page loading is usually as a result of a plug-in which isn’t working well or an abundance of media on the page, if you have this issue then you must seek to resolve it fast.


When it comes to the design, font and style of your website it has to fit well with what the website itself is all about. For example we know that certain colors evoke feelings in the user, green for money, red for love etc. so this is something which you can look to play on. Even if the site looks great, if it doesn’t fit in with the overall theme of your website then things are going to look slightly odd.

Focus on these keys for a great looking website.


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