First American Home Warranty Reviews – Reasons to Ensure You Have Home Warranty in Place

Living here in San Francisco there is always the threat of an earthquake and last year during the fires across California I was reminded of the fact that a natural disaster could happen at any time. Because of this I decided that it was time that I got some home warranty protection for the systems in my home. I checked out reviews, compared plans and spoke with customer service teams, and thanks to the First American Home Warranty reviews, they were the company I chose. This was something which I should’ve done much earlier and here is why you should too.

More Than Insurance

A common misconception that many have is that their home insurance will cover them against any eventuality, but this isn’t the case. Home insurance will cover the structural integrity of your home and the contents inside it. What home warranty plans cover however is the systems inside your home such as the gas, plumbing, heating and cooling systems. If a leaking pipe causes damage then your insurance will cover the damage, but it will be your home warranty that will fix the pipe.

Making Repairs Easy

I’m sure you have been there before when your AC or heating system breaks down when you need it most, and you have invest time into finding the right repair team, and trying to get them to come out, the whole process can be a nightmare. When you have a home warranty policy however this becomes a simple process because they work with experts in the field who will attend you quickly and make sure that the repair is done to a very high standard.

No Extra Costs

Having to shell out for a new central heating system just before Christmas could be an absolute nightmare but if you have a home warranty policy then you needn’t worry as the most you will ever have to pay is the deductible that you have chosen. This helps with financial planning and it also helps you to avoid an awful financial situation.

Natural Disasters

To go back to my original point if you do live somewhere which is prone to natural disasters then a home warranty policy is going to make so much sense for you. After an earthquake, fire or any other natural disaster, you are likely to need a lot of repairs in the home, which the insurance aren’t going to cover. Instead of having to shell out thousands to have everything checked and repaired, you can instead rely on your home warranty policy.

Ultimately buyers of home warranty policies like myself have absolute peace of mind when it comes to our homes, and we can be safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens, we are completely covered. If you want this same peace of mind then start looking now for a home warranty policy which suits you.

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