First American Home Warranty – Why Home Warranty is Important To Have

Despite how important home warranty can be there are still a large percentage of people who don’t have it. Many experts suggest that whilst home insurance is obligatory, more and more people should take advantage of the protection that having a home warranty brings. This has come to light once again after the fires in California last year, once again reinforcing the need for many people in areas of natural disasters to ensure that they have home warranty for additional protection. We caught up with the customer service team from First American Home Warranty to find out just why home warranty is so important.

Covers the Bits That Insurance Doesn’t

Many make the mistake in thinking that their home insurance covers them against anything that happens at home but this simply isn’t the case. In fact the home insurance policy really only covers the contents of the home, and not the systems within it, that’s where home warranty comes in. If you have a leaking pipe then the insurance will ensure that any damage caused as a result of the leak is replaced or repaired, but they won’t address the pipe which is leaking, whereas a home warranty policy will.

Stops Surprise Costs

Financial planning is made easier when you have a home warranty policy because there are no surprise costs of something going wrong. If your central heating system breaks down in the height of winter this is going to cost you a great amount of money to have repaired. If however you have home warranty policy in place, you can be safe in the knowledge that the most you will have to pay should something go wrong, is the cost of your deductible.

Getting The Best Team

Home warranty companies have access to some of the best work people in the country, and that is going to save you a lot of time and hassle. Not only will you be safe in the knowledge that the repairs will be carried out by the best people, you also won’t have to waste time investigating who to use and then calling around to get quotes and find a team who are ready to come and help.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately home warrant offers you great peace of mind that your home is protected against every eventuality. For a small fee, you can make sure that all of the systems in your home are covered should they go wrong, helping you to sleep that little bit better at night.

Buyers of the best home warranty plans should be sure to check out reviews and compare a number of different options which suits their home needs before buying. There are many great plans out there which will cover everything that you have in your home and once you have it in place you won’t need to worry about anything in your property.


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