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SQL Developer is a free, merged development environment that presents the development and management of a Database simply in traditional and Cloud deployments. It is actually used to write programs, functions and queries in such a way that it can modify data and structure of a database accordingly. SQL or Structured Query Language is a poignant computer language used extensively and utilized by SQL Developer. An SQL Developer may also be responsible for writing custom made queries to mete out the report.

SQL Developer is your solution for generating all the queries as it shoulders the entire responsibility. SQL Developer is an integrated, efficient and co-operating environment. SQL challenges all the traditional notions that a nerd has about a computer language. It incorporates the Java Development Kit. SQL Developer easily supports automatic tabs, code insight, bracket matching and syntax colouring for PL/SQL. It brings this high-end mechanism to use to perform tasks.

SQL Developer offers both diagonal and lateral covering one to the other end development of your PL/SQL applications. It has worksheet running queries and scripts. There is more, it has a DBA console for managing database. It also has a reports interface and is a complete data modelling solution. SQL Developer is compatible with most databases. It has this unique feature it employed third-party plugins so that it could connect with databases other than its manufacturing company.

SQL is supported by a variety of databases. It has worked with the likes of IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, Sybase Adaptive Server, Amazon Redshift and Teradata databases. It performs a multitude of functions as an environment. It floods the worksheet with a lot of queries that are automated and cordially reports it. It is highly useful in the hands of a developer who uses it to the maximal. has brought for you a comprehensive all-around test that evaluates a developer on his or her skills. The competencies they possess will be considered. It is one of a kind evaluation that is called technical recruitment assessments. This is an all-inclusive test that comprises of a series and is beneficial to both the company and the developer.

It is a highly recommended test that has been undertaken by many from across the world. It is for all developers where the difficulty level ranges from easy, moderate to difficult. Whether it can be completed at one go or multiple sittings are mentioned at their official website. can customize these tests for you as per your requirement. Your wish is their command. You will get the opportunity to discuss with subject matter experts who finalize the questions. It is exclusive to only. The test will be customized in accordance to your needs.

Many big companies come to seek the assistance of as it offers this special feature. It helps the companies who can now check the competency of the candidate based on their requirement. You just have to request them to do so. They will reply promptly coming to your rescue right away. Companies like AvaniKo,datAvail, Ziffity and SAP are their top customers.

This is just a basic level test. They have a wide range of tests to offer related to the above topic that is conducted under its belt. They have Oracle SQL Programming Test, Oracle PL/SQL Developer Test, Java Oracle SQL Programming Test, SQL Server Database Administor Test, PL/SQL- Intermediate Test and PL/SQL- Basic Oracle Test.

The tests are easily available online you just have to visit their official page and register. The procedure takes two minutes and easy to access. Use the tests and you won’t be disappointed.

So, how are these tests conducted? The procedure is uniform to all their tests and the interesting fact is that you are charged only when the candidate takes the test that is at the beginning of the test. You are charged nothing for signing up and sharing the link.

The test follows this basic four-step procedure that is a unique model of

  1. The first steps are to add the test to your tests
  2. The second one is to share the link from your tests
  3. The third one is the candidate takes the tests
  4. The final step is you get their test report

You have to make no payment until the third step.

Firstly, you have already prepared these series of tests you just need to include it to the list. It is simple and gives you a choice to select the tests that the candidate is up for taking. You have an array of questionnaires from beforehand all you have to do is add to that.

Secondly, a link to the concerned test will be forwarded to you. You have to readily accept it and share with the candidate along with your own series of test. It is prepared for you beforehand all you have to do is share it.

Thirdly the candidate sits for the all-inclusive test along with the other test forwarded to him or her. The candidate has a fixed time allotted for him or her. He or she cannot exceed the time limit. Whether they can sit for the test on the fateful day when the link is shared with them or later is mentioned on the website.

The final step is the report generation that covers all aspects of the test taken. The concerned candidate’s details are provided along with his or her performance summary. This report is automatically generated and the hiring company can refer to it.

How did the test become so popular? As you know already conducts these various tests for hiring companies. This is exclusive to the website and many companies find it helpful and effective. The test is targeted towards hiring companies looking for bright developers and the website helps in their search completely. The test is taken by three key profiles they are:

  • SQL Developer
  • Database Developer
  • Software Developer

They get a lot of questions like Can someone benchmarks scores for the candidates who take this assessment for hiring decision. Their answer is simple they would do it on the request of their customers

That tells you a lot about their character. Just request a test and you would find out the rest.

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