The Great Outdoors: 5 Creative Ways to Make Money Off of Land


For a lot of people, the idea of living in the countryside and running a farm is idyllic.

But the reality is actually much tougher. 

While it is a very satisfying and natural way to live, running a farm can be a financial struggle at times. In fact, 82% of US farm household income comes from off-farm jobs.

So if you have land, it’s always a good idea to diversify your income so you can still bring in some cash through the lean times. 

Find out more by reading this guide to five creative ways to make money off land.

1. Erect A Billboard

A really simple way you can make money off of land is to lease to a billboard company. 

If your land borders a road, then it could be attractive to advertisers. Leasing a small plot for a billboard won’t make you rich, but it can bring in a small, steady income. It also has the advantage of not using much of your land and being unobtrusive and not requiring maintenance or investment. 

2. Set Up A Campsite

Another money making idea could be to set up a campsite on your land.

If you have plenty of space you can set aside an acre for camping. People are always looking for cool destinations for a vacation that won’t break the bank, so you could be on to a winner. 

You will need to look into insurance and providing some basic facilities, but you will make the money back by charging for pitches. Even a basic campsite can charge campers $30 per night, so it’s worth looking into.

3. Sell Some Timber

Most land contains natural resources. You might not even be aware of some of the resources are beneath the soil on your farm. So if you are curious about minerals or fuel, you can hire a landman.

But for a more immediate crop, you can look to sell some of the timber on your land.

You will need to check what sort of trees are on your land, but it can be quick and easy to start selling your own logs to bring in a bit of extra cash. 

4. Lease Storage Space

If you run a farm, the one thing you usually have lots of is space. But for a lot of people in suburbia and living in smaller houses space is the one thing they lack.

This could be a marriage made in heaven.

So if you have an outbuilding, a barn or shed that is not in use you can convert it into a storage shed. You will need to weather-proof any building that is to become a storage facility, but once it is set up you can start charging to store people’s belongings or vehicles. 

5. Get A Wedding License

Finally, if you are feeling a bit more creative and adventurous, you could become a wedding venue. There will be a few hoops to jump through and a bit of paperwork to do, but if you can start hosting weddings you could start making some serious cash.

People are always looking for interesting and beautiful places to have their ceremony, and there’s never a lack of people wanting to get married. 

Ways To Make Money Off Land And So Much More

So those are some ways to make money off land raise a bit of extra cash for you and your family. 

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