Is Satellite TV worth the Price Tag?

Are you thinking of switching from cable to satellite TV?

Satellite TV offers a lot of benefits, but there are some essential differences from cable TV that you need to understand before you commit.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of satellite TV that will help you decide if it’s the right investment for your home.

Pros of Satellite TV

It’s no secret that satellite TV offers a lot of benefits. Some of the biggest pros of converting to satellite instead of using cable include:

1. Cost and Accessibility 

A lot of homes are wired to have cable access, but satellite TV is still more accessible. All you need to install satellite TV is room on your roof for a dish. This also gives more flexibility inside your home as well, because you don’t have to put the TV close to the cable hookup.

Cost is another benefit of choosing satellite TV. In general, satellite TV packages tend to cost slightly less than cable. Of course, your monthly payment will always change depending on a variety of factors like where you live, how many channels you want, and other additions to your bill.

2. Picture Quality 

If you love watching your favorite shows in high definition, then satellite TV might be for you. Most experts agree that picture quality is better with a satellite compared to cable. This is typical because satellite signals travel a shorter distance than cable, so the picture is less distorted.

Cons of Satellite TV 

There’s a reason why millions of homes in the U.S. have satellite and love it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues. Some common problems with satellite TV include:

1. Reliability 

In general, satellite TV will not be as reliable for you as cable. Storms, clouds, or any severe weather impact your satellite service. If you live in an area that is prone to many storms or bad weather throughout the year, cable might be a better option for you.

2. Installation 

Installing the hardware for your satellite TV setup can get complicated, so you’ll likely need to call in for professional help. Costs for satellite dish installation will vary, but this will be an additional cost for you.

You’ll also need to make sure that there’s a clear spot for your satellite dish to live on your home. You can’t have trees or anything block the dish, or you may experience service interruptions. If you live in a mainly wooded area, you’ll need to pay to remove some trees.

Learn More About Choosing Satellite for Your Home

Many homeowners have the debate between satellite TV or cable, and it’s not one size fits all. Some homes work better with cable, while others can benefit more from satellite.

Overall, satellite TV is a good option for homes that want to save a little bit of money, enjoy high-definition channels, and don’t mind minor service interruptions if the weather is bad.

If you’d like to learn more about satellite TV before you purchase, make sure you check out the rest of our website for some helpful tips and tricks.



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