Instagram Relaunches a New Version of “Shop”

It had been announced in 2019 and confirmed earlier this year, but it is finally officially here: Instagram Shop. In truth, this is a redesigned version of what Instagram previously offered. But this time, the company also added Facebook Pay for people to make purchases easily.

An Opportunity

Instagram had meant to promote itself as a shopping destination for quite a while. Now, they have finally done it, and they intend to push it so that it can position itself in the market in a prominent position.

It’s the perfect time for all those who are bringing products to their followers to take one step further by enhancing their Instagram posts through story editors like By creating better stories through the addition of photos, videos, music, stickers, text effects, animated backgrounds and logos, you will add to the overall quality of your image, which will comfort and encourage your followers to go and buy your products on Instagram Shop.

What is Instagram Shop?

Some of you who are using Instagram intensively and/or for a long time are probably aware that it was already possible to shop through an Instagram service before. What the company is doing today is enlarging the browsing capacity so that users can discover more brands and products through their creators or resellers. There are also curated collections which are published through the mobile app’s @shop account.

To do your shopping, you need to click on the “Shop” tab. There, you will be able to filter the products through categories such as “beauty” or “home” among others. From now on, you’ll also be able to do the checkout directly inside the app. For those who don’t have the “Shop” tab yet, it is still possible to purchase things using their services, but you will have to visit the Instagram shop directly by going through “Explore.”

An Idea Brought on by the Users

Influencers can be credited with the idea of opening Instagram Shop. They are the ones who brought products to the mobile app so that their viewers could learn about and acquire them, directly from the manufacturer. The photos that they were posting featured fashion, beauty products, home décor and more. They were meant to attract consumers and Instagram understood that there was a very big market they could go into, simply following the trend influencers had already created. That’s when Instagram ads came into play. Thanks to their strong targeting capabilities, they would appear in users’ feed, suggesting products they would almost certainly be interested in.



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