Anticipated Games Of 2018

With the video game market growing, it can be difficult to keep track of all the interesting games in development. Every year seems to yield another storm of great games, each more impressive than the last. Thankfully, with modern social media what it is, it’s easier than ever before to keep an eye on multiple developing projects.

Here is a list of the most anticipated video game releases of 2018, and each one promises to be as exciting as the pokies online offered by top casinos. Keep in mind, however, that just because a game isn’t on our list, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth keeping track of.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption is seen as the ultimate video game set in the old west. It featured vast, expansive vistas, authentic cowboys, poker playing, and shooting loads of bandits. In other words; it was the wild west game the world had been asking for.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is set to release in 2018, and is shaping up to be an incredible follow up to an already incredible first release. News about the game is scarce at present, with just a few short videos giving glimpses of the still in development game. Hopes are high, and Rockstar Studios rarely let players down.

Far Cry 5

The Far Cry series has been around for a long time, and has been getting regular new instalments since the successful original released in 2004. Known for sprawling open worlds, over the top action, and impressive graphics, what isn’t there to love about this legendary franchise?

Far Cry 5 is due in 2018, and has already received its fair share of controversy for apparently depicting the United States in questionable ways. Not much new seems to have been added to the formula otherwise, but many are still excited to see the latest iteration of a well loved series.

A way Out

Perhaps not as high profile as the other games on this list, a Way Out has still proved to be extremely intriguing with gamers. The concept of the game is that two players must work closely with one another, playing the roles of two men looking to escape from prison.

The game will feature a constant split screen setup, meaning that one player will always be able to see the others screen, and is another gaming highlight that’s come to the fore. A novel idea in an industry otherwise lacking in new ideas, A Way Out Promises to be truly unique, if nothing else.

Detroit: Become Human

David Cage is a legend in the video game industry, but not always strictly for the right reasons. He lauds himself as creating the best story driven video games, but only achieves this goal part of the time. His most recent game release, Beyond: Two Souls, was not as celebrated as he most likely hoped for. Heavy Rain however, three years prior to Beyond, was much more celebrated.

Either way, Cage is back again with Detroit: Become Human, and speculation is already rife as to whether the game will swim or sink. Hopes are for swimming.

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