Advanced Features You Can Find in High-end Video Cameras

Especially if you are looking for video cameras that are intended for professional use, it is important to look for a variety of advanced features, including those that will be mentioned below. They will ensure the best performance and quality, making it easy to create videos that are sure to be talked about. Many of the products with these features can be expensive, so you might want to consider video camera rental as an alternative to buying brand new.

4K Video Recording

Gone were the days when 1080p is the default choice for shooting impressive videos, Nowadays, high-end cameras are equipped with the ability to shoot at a resolution of 4K, which will deliver unmatched clarity. According to DP Review, 4K allows you to shoot videos that are much more detailed than anything that you have seen before. It provides a different kind of cinematic value to your clips. This technology will also prove to be useful when it comes to image stabilization. It should be noted, however, that 4k videos can be played only with compatible devices.

The Ability to Fly

For sure, at this point, you have already heard of drones. They can fly and take videos at the same time. This is an advanced technology that unlocks a wealth of possibilities. The videos, for instance, can be used for surveillance and to ensure safety in the workplace. In the field of real estate, this can also be used for effectively marketing properties to captivate the attention of potential clients. Indeed, flying cameras will change our lives in more ways than one.


Transferring files from the video camera to your computer is easier these days. In the past, you will need to deal with cables to make a wired connection to transfer and edit the videos. Now, advanced cameras have Wi-Fi technology. It will be a snap to establish a wireless connection for easily sending the videos, even to your mobile phones.

Low-Light Capabilities

Shooting videos in low-light conditions can be challenging. If it is too dark, the quality will be affected. You can always resort to the use of external light, but if you are like many people without the patience to bring lots of unnecessary gears during a shoot, there are high-end cameras with superior night modes with the ability to shoot clearly even in a low-light environment.

Advanced Optical Image Stabilization

Sure, many of the video cameras already have optical image stabilization. However, the more expensive ones made this feature more advanced so that the shots will be clearer and camera shake is never an issue to be worried about. Even in an unstable shooting environment, this can help to avoid fuzzy shots.

In sum, while the innovative features mentioned above may make video cameras more expensive, they will be worth every dollar, especially if you are a pro. If buying a new one is expensive for you, take advantage of these technologies by considering BorrowLenses for your video camera rental needs.

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