Run Horse, Run: Best Adidas Running Shoes in 2019


You love your daily run. The feeling of running down the road with the wind in your hair and the rhythmic beating of your feet on the pavement is indescribable.

Only one thing can turn a great run sour, bad shoes!

If you are looking for a great running shoe, Adidas could be your ticket. Recently, Adidas surpassed AirJordans, becoming the second most popular sneaker brand in the United States.

Rumor has it, that Adidas is also cutting back the supply this year, so there will be less of each shoe style to go around. Though there is a good selection to choose from, these shoes will sell out fast!

We have done some research for you to learn which running shoes are the best Adidas running shoes of the 2019 line. If you want to know which style to hunt down before they are gone, keep reading to learn more!

The AlphaBounce

In the AlphaBounce, Adidas has aimed to make an all-around great shoe, and they succeeded in our book!

Great comfort, support, and durability in this style! There are also decent amounts of flexibility and shock absorption.

We only wish the sizing were better. These shoes seem to fit a little bit large, but also a touch narrow. So, finding the right fit in this style may be tricky.


Raved about for being lightweight and breathable as well as durable, the Adidas NMD heren has earned a spot on our list.

There are many NMD looks to choose from, so they are perfect for the stylish runner who wants to match the shoes to the running gear.

Some reviews state that these shoes run a little bit big, so you may want to size down to find the perfect fit.

The OG Swift

Our runner up is the OG Swift running shoe, and it was very close!

This style won top marks in comfort, flexibility, and support. If you want to feel like you are running with clouds on your feet, these are the shoes for you!

Shock absorption and durability are not amazing in these shoes. So they would be better for dirt trail running rather than pavement.

The Absolute Best Adidas Running Shoes for 2019: The Thrasher 1.1!

Topping our list of the best running shoes Adidas has to offer in 2019 is the Thrasher 1.1. If you are trying to maximize your run, this shoe will do it!

These shoes don’t only look rugged, they are one of the most durable styles out there!

On top of that, these shoes are super comfortable and have some of the best support and shock absorption on the market. These are sure to give you the best feeling run you’ve ever had!

Dash-ing Lifestyle Tips

Now that you know which is the best Adidas running shoes for you, jog on down to your local shoe store and grab them before they are gone!

We have more than running shoe tips to help you get through the day. Our blog covers everything from travel to technology and so much more!

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