An Industry of Their Own: How Women in Manufacturing are Changing the Game

Think that industrial careers are just for men? Think again. Read here to learn how women in manufacturing are changing the industry.

When you think of the manufacturing industry, who do you picture would work there? Odds are, you’re picturing a typical construction dude wearing dusty jeans and an orange hard hat.

While we tip our own hats to all those guys in the field, we have to hand it to the ladies, too. There may not be many of them, but they’re out there – and getting the job done with style!

While women make up almost 50% of the workforce, they’re very underrepresented in manufacturing. In this industry, women only represent about 30% of workers.

What kind of impact are they making? What more can be done to get women excited to enter this field with tons of opportunities? Keep reading to learn all about women in manufacturing.

Strength Through Diversity

Although men are still in the majority, they’re starting to realize that bringing women onboard is a big benefit.

Women bring a different perspective to any industry, but especially construction. Working in construction with women balances any project, boosts financial gains, and brings more creativity.

Manufacturing Is Full Of Opportunities For Women

Some women start out in manufacturing right out of high school. They find their way into the industry through an apprenticeship or through networking connections.

Others go through a community college or university and find their place within construction. No matter how they get there, the manufacturing industry offers a lot of opportunities that other jobs don’t.

There’s leadership opportunities, a need for people skills, and a chance to be creative and building bridges like the one you can view here. Any woman looking for a job in the industry will find something to meet her needs.


Something that crops on on everyone’s wish list for the perfect job is flexibility. With childcare responsibilities still falling mainly to women, they tend to prioritize a flexible work environment.

Within manufacturing, there are ways to get the job done remotely or around your busy schedule. If you’re looking to break in and are concerned with flexibility, be up front with your potential employer. You might be surprised at how flexible this job can be!

How To Attract More Women In Manufacturing?

Women who are in the industry tend to enjoy their jobs. There are tons of positions to fill but the workforce isn’t there. So how can the manufacturing industry attract more women?

It needs to first address the wage gap. Women earn only about 75% in the same jobs that men have.

Next, women should be encouraged to focus on STEP — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Production — in schools.

Lastly, when women take these positions, the industry becomes more diverse and attractive to new talent.

Find A Fulfilling Career

Women in manufacturing know that this industry offers fulfilling, interesting careers. Consider joining their ranks!

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