Say “I Do” to the Perfect Wedding Ring: What to Look for in Wedding Bands

If you and your fiance are looking for the perfect wedding ring bands, be sure to read this first. Here’s what to look for in wedding bands.

Planning to get married?

It’s likely the first investment you’ll make is for the engagement ring. Those tiny little pieces of jewelry can cost a lot, after all.

However, your next step would be organizing the wedding and looking for the perfect wedding ring.

But that doesn’t dissuade you from popping the question to your loved one. If you’re planning to do that, you need to make sure to get the right wedding ring. But perfection might have different meanings for you.

Before you say “I do”, you need to learn about the important factors you need to consider. It will help you know how to choose a wedding ring without problems. Here are some tips:

1. Narrow Down Your Ring Options

Whether it’s diamonds or gemstones, gold or platinum, don’t panic. The choices might seem too overwhelming at first glance, but you need to build a system for it. Finish analyzing each factor before you proceed to the next.

Start with its style and see whether you’re more into simple bands or those with embellishments. You need to decide whether you’re content using the same material as your engagement ring. Another thing to consider is whether to get matching rings.

If you work out these factors first, you can make your choices narrower. It’s especially important when you’re trying to pick mens wedding bands. If you’re not careful enough, you might end up with a subpar choice.

2. Buy Your Rings and Your Bands Together

This tip might not work if you’re the type of person who wants to get surprised by an engagement ring. But having the knowledge of the engagement rings can help you choose the wedding bands. This can help you consider how the rings fit together.

For example, you can get a simple band to complement your unique engagement ring. Otherwise, you might want to get a sparkling wedding band if you have simple engagement rings. If you’re planning to wear your rings together all the time, you can opt for ones with matching designs instead.

3. Start the Search Early On

As soon as you get the idea of the type of rings you’d like, start searching. You need to start trying rings within two to three months before the wedding. This will give you more than enough time to do all the things needed to get the best wedding bands.

This time period covers the browsing of potential rings, researching the wedding bands cost, and check on other rings that might catch your attention. You’ll need more time if you plan to settle on having a custom ring.

Also, keep in mind that ring modifications can take more time. Things like engraving can extend your wait time for about a month at the maximum. Keep it in mind to ensure that the rings arrive before your wedding day.

4. Mix It Up

Don’t worry if you’re not into the same type of metal for your rings. There are no rules that make you choose the same material or style. If you’re getting braided bands, your compromise is to take the two metals and blend them together.

An alternative is to have totally different designs. The most important thing to consider is your individuality. Your wedding bands should reflect your styles to ensure it’s something you both like.

5. Set Your Budget

Always do your ring shopping while keeping your budget in mind. Assume that you’ll only spend around 3% of your total budget for the wedding for the rings. The wedding bands costs can go up to $1,000 for plain 14-karat ones.

There are a lot of embellishments that can make the price higher. Diamonds, engraving, and other personalization options can make the rings even more expensive. What this means is that you need to factor this into your budget.

Always remember that the price of engravings depends on a lot of factors. The usual ones include the font used and the number of characters. The price also differs whether they use manual or automated methods to make it.

6. Think of Your Lifestyle

It’s important to remember that you’ll wear this band each day after your wedding. Your goal is to get rings that will become an inseparable part of your life. If you have an active lifestyle, get a “comfort fit” wedding band.

You need a simple, solid ring if your work involves extensive hand use. Avoid getting gemstones since it might loosen up while you work. Engravings are also bad choices since they can trap dirt and other debris.

Super active lifestyles require extra durability. In this case, you need to settle for platinum rings. This is due to the fact that it won’t wear away when scratched.

7. Consider the Maintenance

Wedding bands that come with precious stones need regular washing and soaking in warm water with suds. After that, you should brush it using a soft-tip toothbrush. Giving too much pressure can make the stones loose from its setting.

Once you’re done, you need to rinse it and dry it up using a soft cloth. If it’s too much maintenance for you, get gold or platinum ring. They’re easy to clean since all you need is to use a soft cloth and rub it.

Get the Perfect Wedding Ring Today!

No matter what rings you have, you need to apply quality control.

If you want to get the most out of your money, you need to keep these tips in mind. Make sure to communicate with your future spouse and try to get the ring together.

Don’t wait until the last moment to choose the perfect wedding ring. Getting it as early as you can will ensure that you get it on time for your wedding day. You don’t want to ruin your big day with unexpected delays with your wedding bands.

Are you having trouble knowing how your wedding should go?

Why not check out this guide and learn how traditional wedding ceremonies play out. It could give you the confidence and eliminate the nervousness you might feel.


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