Get Back Your GF: Find Out What Went Wrong and Get Her Back

The details of that day you first met were still vivid in your mind after three years of being in a relationship. You thought it was just another typical day for you, until one of your friends called up to invite you for dinner just to relax and unwind. Being your introverted self, you really wanted to decline the invitation politely.

But your persistent friend wouldn’t let you turn down the invitation, telling you it has been some time since you had some catching up with your other friends. Realizing he’s right, you went along. You were all waiting for the food to be served when someone unfamiliar, who turns out to be your friend’s cousin, walked into the room. Mesmerized, you just can’t help telling yourself in your mind, “Wow, she’s so beautiful.” Little did you know that your decision to go to that dinner was one that will change your life in the next exciting years to come.

You’re still amazed at how well you two seem to understand each other well and how fast the conversation progressed from casual talk to life’s deepest topics. That night alone was enough for you to say that she’s the girl of your dreams. Read some first date conversation starters here.

The last three years have been great, until things changed recently. You were living such different lives. She has been achieving her goals. You have been excelling in your life as well. Despite all those happy moments you two shared, she seemed distracted. And even if it hurts to admit, it seems as though she lost attraction towards you. She said she needed time to sort things out with her life. But for the two of you as a couple, it meant breaking up and you’re left with no idea if you two will ever get back together.

What went wrong? Would finding the real reason still matter? Would it help you get back together and make the relationship better for the second time around?

Why She Left

Whether you’re a man or a woman who has been madly in love, breaking up with your significant other would be so painful, you’d feel like it’s a mini-death. But don’t lose hope yet. If you truly love her, you can still win her back. One psychologist assures you that here:

Apparently, you need to find out what went wrong in the first place. It’s the key to rekindling the relationship and making it better once the chance has been granted.

She may be a little shy to admit the real reason for breaking up with you, but with a tactful, respectful, kind and sincere way, encourage her to be truly open and honest about her feelings and thoughts about your relationship. She may still love you after all, but the current situation and complications make her feel afraid to get hurt in the end if she’ll let the relationship grow longer and deeper.

Perhaps, she had past experiences that caused her to have trust issues. She might be afraid to let herself vulnerable and commit to you fully, thinking there’s a possibility she could get hurt if ever you do something that would jeopardize your relationship. If that’s the case, assure her your loyalty. Show it in words, action, and even in your thoughts.

If you’ve been in a relationship for some time, say two, three or more years, what’s holding you back from fully expressing your commitment to her? Perhaps, she wants to get married and have a family. Talk about your life goals together. Maybe the reason why she’s losing attraction is that she can’t see you planning your future together. Any high-value woman wouldn’t waste her time committing herself to someone who can’t even fully commit himself to her. If she’s the woman you see yourself growing old with as a partner, then go ahead, prepare yourself and do that long-waited best proposal you’ve always had in mind. She might just be waiting for that all this time!

Another reason why your girlfriend had let you go is that she hasn’t seen in you the qualities she’s looking for in a lifetime partner. So, instead of giving up that easy, take advantage of that separation to give yourself time to grow into a better person. Cultivate the habits and qualities you could contribute to a partnership. The next time you meet her and she’s still single, who knows, she’d be ready to rekindle the relationship with you.

Rekindling a past love is possible. Find out what went wrong. Do the necessary changes. You might just be one of the proofs that love is sweeter the second time around.

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