Top 3 Cities Perfect for a Weekend Getaway

Traveling is one of the best activities to practice since it can allow you to break out of the everyday routines, and relax in a new place. Besides the fun that comes with traveling, this activity can also allow people to rediscover themselves and grow as humans by seeing the world and experiencing its diverse cultures.

However, as great of an activity traveling might be, it is often difficult for most people to practice it constantly. In today’s society, the majority of people are constantly pursuing career advances, being left with no more time for traveling.

Because of that, weekend getaways often represent the most accessible traveling option for many people, and a great way to relax a bit. Being able to break out of your environment for a weekend, and visit a new city is a great way of recharging your batteries, getting ready for the next Monday morning. With that idea in mind, we prepared a list of cities perfect for such weekend trips.

New York

New York might be one of the best weekend getaway cities, especially if you’re living in the USA. This city is perfect for such a trip thanks to its various cultures. Even if the whole city has an overall preserved style and a rather fast pace, certain neighborhoods have different cultures and personalities than the rest of the city.

The Big Apple” is filled with various tourist spots, museums, restaurants, hotels and even hostels for those traveling on a tighter budget. Even if some sides of the city are better than others, New York is filled with many gems when it comes to tourist spots.

One of the places that everybody has to check out while being there is the iconic Central Park. The park itself is either filled or surrounded by attractions. Museums, street food venues, concerts and nature, all in one place. The Statue of Liberty represents another landmark that every tourist has to visit since it is representative of the whole country.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is another iconic city from the USA that it’s more than perfect for a weekend getaway thanks to its endless entertainment opportunities. The city has a unique culture and personality that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. If breaking out of the regular is what you’re looking for, Vegas is perfect for that.

However, while being in Vegas, make sure to get away from the typical tourist spots for a bit, and visit the less known landmarks of this city. First on anybody’s list should be the casinos since they are the most representative for Vegas and its past.

The Casino Resorts are usually filled with gaming tables like poker and blackjack, and hundreds of various slots to ensure you a good time. Moreover, you can usually sleep in one of the hotels part of the Casino Resorts so you can be close both to the casinos but, also to the restaurants, bars and events halls present on the premise.

Besides the casinos found on The Strip, you should also visit classic tourist attractions like the Mob Museum, Neon Museum, and Fremont Street. Also, while you’re there make sure to have a meal at one of the many great restaurants.


You are probably very familiar with Venice, not the Los Angeles neighborhood, nor the Vegas Venetian but, the Italian floating city. This city is consisted of over 100 islands linked to each other through channels and bridges. Venice is one of Italy’s most known attractions and a perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Venice’s architecture will surely make it worth visiting. Because the whole city is filled with classic buildings, even wandering around the place can constitute a great tourist activity since it will allow you to emerge yourself into the Italian culture.

Besides visiting the city’s known landmarks and numerous bridges, we also encourage you to take a gondola ride to see the whole place from a completely different perspective. Taking a water taxi, or visiting the outer islands are some activities worth trying as well.


Weekend Getaways are a perfect activity if you want to travel more but your schedule doesn’t allow you to be away from the city for more than just a few days. We highly recommend taking into consideration the cities mentioned above, not just for a weekend trip but, maybe for a complete holiday.

The tourist spots, museums, hotels, local culture, restaurants and even casinos that can be found in the three cities mentioned above surely make them a viable option for a trip.

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