Top 10 Holiday Destinations You Should Consider Buying a Home In

If you want to buy a house abroad, you need to find the right location. Here are the top 10 holiday destinations you should consider buying a home in.

About 35% of Americans take their families on vacation during any given year. When those vacations take place, a few things almost always happen.

People enjoy themselves. People come back rested and relaxed. People spend a lot of money.

Expanding on that final “happening”, one of the best ways you can save money when you go on holiday is to consider buying a home in the places you vacation at the most.

To that end, below is a rapid-fire list of the top 10 holiday destinations you should consider buying a home in.

1. Spain

Spain is home to some of the most frequented tourist destinations on Earth. Whether you choose to buy a home in Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian or any other city in this fabulous country, expect to enjoy great weather and outstanding food!

2. Portugal

From the breathtaking culture of Lisbon to the beautiful ocean of Madeira, Portugal is rising in popularity among tourists. Get in on this country’s low prices while you can before they start to skyrocket!

3. USA

Not all travel needs to be international if you’re from the states. If you frequent a certain place within the USA, consider getting hooked up with a local real estate agent and buying property in your family’s favorite American location!

4. Italy

Italy is the international destination of many people’s dreams. From Rome to Tuscany and beyond, there’s no shortage of incredible vacation destinations to buy a home in within this romantic country!

5. France

Does Paris hold the key to your family’s heart? Then buy a home there!

Paris too expensive? Try Dordogne or Charente for cheaper holiday fun.

6. Greece

Santorini is among the most affordable and romantic vacation destinations on Earth! Greece also offers incredible history in its capital city of Athens.

Buying a home in either place would represent an excellent investment!

7. Turkey

Given Turkey’s proximity to Syria and the hotbed of issues in the Middle East, the country has gotten a bad rap. The truth is though that Turkey is diverse, safe and beautiful.

Whether you buy in the world-famous Istanbul or opt for something showier in Bodrum, you have excellent options.

8. Cypress

If you’re looking for a great deal in a country that’s just recovered from an economic crisis, try Cypress on for size. The city of Paphos is incredible!

9. Croatia

Croatia is an extraordinarily cheap eastern European country that’s growing fast. Cities like Dubrovnik have been featured in Game of Thrones and home prices are going up fast as Croatia manages to attract more tourists.

Get your house in this country while deals last!

10. Malta

Malta is a country that is popular among European tourists, particularly its city of Valetta. Malta may be quaint given that the whole country is only 17×9 miles but this small island country is bustling with life and ready for you to settle in it!

Wrapping Up The Top 10 Holiday Destinations to Buy a Home In

If vacation is a central part of your family’s lifestyle, save some money and build equity in an incredible investment by buying a home in one of the top 10 holiday destinations above.

And for more of the best information on lifestyle tips and beyond, check out more blog posts on SweetCaptcha today!


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