Hotels with the Best Lobby Designs   

Without any doubts, the lobby is the first thing you see when you visit any hotel, and it leaves you with the first impression. It leaves you wanting to see the rest of the hotel, to be even more mesmerised. Have you even been in a hotel’s lobby which let your heart skip a beat? We have! So, together, let’s check out the hotels which have the best lobby designs.

La Purificadora, Puebla 

The historic city of Puebla is home to the gorgeous hotel, La Purificadora. Consisting of 26 rooms, this hotel has clear echoes of the past, as it was previously a 19th century water bottling facility. And, even if its lobby is the most appealing of all, the hotel nonetheless breathes magnificence. Crafted by the well-known Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, a great portion of the original décor has been kept. Including an arched gate and a masonry stone, the hotel fancies a black volcanic stone staircase which showers water in the middle. Plus, the architect has selected purple sofas for the lobby, which favours his catholic heritage.

The Waterhouse at South Bund, Shanghai 

Designed with an industrial look and modern accessories, The Waterhouse at South Bund offers 19 rooms. Located in the Shiliupu district, this hotel is a paradox of Shanghai’s culture. The lobby is three-story high! Revamped by famous architects, Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, the original 1930s warehouse walls have been kept as such. New steel columns and beams have been added, and it adds a simple touch of elegance. The lobby also display a great white paper chandelier which has been designed by Studio Job for Moooi.

Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona 

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Mandarin Oriental consists of 98 rooms. Adorning Gaudí’s master paintings such as Casa Milà (“La Pedrera”) and Casa Battló, the main lobby of this hotel is an architectural stunner. Having been converted into a hotel while previously being a mid-century bank building, there’s a white atrium and floating passage which leads to this hotel’s lobby. Designed by Patricia Urrquiola, the lobby is a work of space and light wandering through crystal doors; the ceilings are mirrored and latticework is eye-catching.

Mondrian, Miami 

The first hotel in United States to have been designed by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders had to be just fantastic. Inspired by Sleeping Beauty’s castle, he lavishly decorated this 335-room hotel. But, the lobby itself catches the eye of anyone who steps in. The lobby features an ornate laser-cut staircase, brass bell-shaped lights and white Baroque-inspired plasters. The gorgeous designs and many colours which makes the lobby of this hotel will make you think of the best online casino, Moon Games. On this top casino, you get a glimpse of the best designs and graphics not only on the homepage, but on all of the games. Moon Games proposes bingo and slot games which are not only rewarding but also let players lose themselves in wonderful and realistic graphics.

If you’re looking for the best designs, you now know where to head!

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