Top 5 Wedding Planner Tools for a Successful Event

wedding planner tools

Top 5 Wedding Planner Tools for a Successful Event

Do you want to have a flawless wedding but need some guidance when it comes to planning? Here are the top 5 wedding planner tools you should use for a successful event.

wedding planner tools

You’ve said yes to the proposal, decided on a date, and now are beginning to plan the day of your dreams. This planning process can become overwhelming very quickly.

Don’t turn into a bridezilla, learn what wedding planner tools are used by the pros and make your big day feel as effortless as it seems!

Keep reading for a list of the top 5 wedding planner tools to pull off the most successful event of the season!

Event Planning Software

There are plenty of companies that offer event planning and management software or apps.

However, purchasing software for one-time use may seem a bit silly.

Being able to communicate important dates, information about dresses, food, venues, and other things to do with your wedding is crucial. Your bridesmaids, parents and anyone else helping to plan will be amazed by your organizational skills and appreciative for the ease this software creates.

One of the favorite types of software is Planning Pod. It’s free for the first 30 days and about $20 per month after that.

Invitations Galore

Choosing your invitations from a store is difficult. While a few may catch your eye, none of them are exactly what you want.

Why not design a wedding invitation that gives guests a taste of your big day while showing off your style and elegance? The process is straightforward and doesn’t require a degree in graphic design.

The most difficult part will be stamping all of the envelopes!

Manage Attendees With Ease

After sending out your invites, you will begin receiving RSVPs and confirmations of who will attend. Keeping track of guests can get to be a headache even for the most organized brides.

A website called RSVPify can help plan for which guests are coming, which ones are bringing a date, as well as the ones you need to contact. This site also allows you to group your guests for seating arrangement purposes.

New School Isn’t Always Best

When planning a wedding, some things just need to be done with an old-fashioned spreadsheet. Spreadsheets can get confusing quickly but when done right, they will make your job a piece of cake.

One such planning task that can be left to a spreadsheet is choosing your venue. Some venues are just that–a place to have a wedding–while others are vendors. They may require the use of their DJ, food, and even decorations.

Having a spreadsheet with all the venues listed and what services they have available will allow you to quickly see which ones to investigate more.

Take You Time

Professional planners don’t breathe easy until their event goes off without a hitch. However, this is your day and you should enjoy planning it.

Take a day for yourself that includes something you enjoy, preferably not wedding related. When you start planning again, you will be eager to continue.

Wedding Planner Tools: A Gift and A Curse

Just because there are a million tools on the market to help plan your day, it doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Choose your wedding planner tools wisely to prevent headaches and confusion.


If you’re interested in finding more apps and tools to help you even in your daily life, check out our blog!

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