Why Keeping Your Business’ Printing Setup Updated is Still Vital in 2018


A recent survey conducted in the US found that that 81% of respondents consider the printer to be the most important office tool. Many businesses however, also spend more money than they need to on printing, purely due to outdated printing practices and equipment.

Keeping your business’ printing setup updated with HP 61 ink, is therefore vital in order to control costs and maximise the efficiency of your office equipment and processes. Out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to revolutionise your office and increase your business efficiency. Read on to find the key reasons why keeping your printing setup updated is still vital in 2018

Get with the Times

Keeping up with competitors is critical for a business’s success, and almost impossible to achieve without the latest equipment. Advancements in technology have resulted in significant changes within the printing market. Improved technology and increased functions are just some of the benefits of the modern printing equipment currently on the market. Some of the updated printing options to purchase for the modern office include:

Wide-Format Printing:  If your business is spending a fortune outsourcing your bulk printing and marketing needs to a third party, it’s time to invest in a wide-format printer

Utilizing wide droplet technology during printing, wide format printers have the ability to produce high quality images,  large-format prints and graphic presentations that standard printers simply cannot handle.

Digital Printing: Digital printing involves sending files from a computer, straight to the digital printer. This  bypasses the lengthy conversion processes involved in traditional printing from computer files. If your office requires a quick turnaround for standard office printing needs and

communication between the sender and recipient of printing data, digital printing is your future.

Mobile Technology: Print technology is readily adapting to mobile technology trends, which are more appropriate and flexible to the way the modern office works. Many multi-function printers now offer mobile-friendly printing, allowing users to utilise smartphone technology. The modern office requires flexibility, so update your printing set-up with mobile and wireless technology.

All- In-One: All-in-one printers allow you to print, scan, fax and print duplex from the one machine. These printers are affordable and maximise office resources by having one machine complete the little tasks faster than ever before.

Reduce Costs

Adopting better printing procedures can easily be achieved by leveraging modern technology and improved printing practices within your business. By keeping your printing setup updated in 2018 you can utilise advancements in printing technology that can dramatically reduce your printing expenditure. Some examples of improved print technology to lower your cost per page include:

Eco-Friendly Printers: Eco-friendly printers utilise double-sided printing and other sustainable settings, in order to reduce the amount of power used by the printer, and subsequently cut the cost-per-page of printing.

Toner Savers: If your printer has not been set up with controls and limits on high-speed and color printing, the unnecessary costs can be significant. Fortunately, most modern printers now include toner saving features. This setting is ideal for internal use, where maximum quality isn’t necessary. By restricting colour printing in the office, your business saves considerably on costly ink cartridge expenses.

ID Printing: Many modern office printers are now installed with verification software, requiring a business ID to active the printers. This simple change significantly minimises the amount of wasted prints, and allows you to track the printing habits of individual members of the organisation.

With printing processes improving thanks to modern technology and tools, the printing industry has caught up to the needs of the modern office. Carefully considering your printing needs, and purchasing equipment that is compatible with your core processes, creates exciting opportunities and solutions for your business needs.

Bio: Laura Costello is a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Law/International Relations at Latrobe University. She is passionate about the law, the power of social media, and the ability to translate her knowledge of both common and complex topics to readers across a variety of mediums, in a way that is easy to understand.

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