Jonah Engler Silbeman – Biggest Concerns For Entrepreneurs Trying To Build A Successful Business

The life of an entrepreneur sure is tough. You need to play every role at your company from CEO to janitor depending on what is needed that hour and be prepared to both give credit for what good happens to others, and take direct responsibility for what goes wrong.

However it can also be the most rewarding experience when you have your ideas, products and services become successful and sell to the world or just your little town. In other words being an entrepreneur can produce the best and worst feelings and often in the same day.

To make their days more of the successful rather than the trying ones, entrepreneurs need to do certain things that are sure to lead them away from harm and increase their chances of success.

Hire the Right Employees

Successful entrepreneurs like Jonah Engler Silberman know that employees can either make your business fly or sink so it is up to the entrepreneur to pick good ones. They need to have great skill at their jobs, being able to better the skill level of your competitors. They also need to be hard workers, willing to put in the hours necessary to get the job done. This means working on weekends and late hours during the week and always prepared to put things on hold in order to make sure the company’s needs are met.

They must also be passionate about the company and its success. When someone asks them about their work and the company they need to reply that the work is fantastic and the company is heading toward the top. If you can gather these types of employees any entrepreneur will certainly be on the right road to success. But it is not easy and demands great focus and attention and a commitment to it sometimes until that right employee becomes available.

Pick the Right Vendors

Picking the right vendors requires you do your homework. You must conduct thorough investigations of each with a focus on their company, their business dealings and past performance. Here you should look for any instances of fraud or not meeting a client’s needs in a way that the client was damaged. Any company can fall short sometime but if they have a habit of falling short or causing damage, you should pick a different vendor.

Additionally your vendors should focus on your business and commit themselves to helping you grow. This might mean giving you friendly terms so that you can manage your capital resources better or giving your greater discounts on their products or services when you are having a rough time. This type of accommodation can mean all the difference to you being successful so you should search for vendors that work with you in this way.

Pick the Right Consultants

It is well know that consultants can often not live up to their hype. When you try and do due diligence on them you sometimes find nothing but great feedback about them. Then you realize how easy it is for a scammer to manipulate information on the internet. This is why the best approach to checking them out is to actually talk with their current and past clients to get specific information about them.

Good consultants are happy to be forthcoming about their skills, strengths and limitations. They also are happy to take your specific job and plan it out to give you an idea of what they will do to assist you grow your company. The key it so not be shy about asking for what you need and to keep them on a tight leash regarding their behavior and hitting milestones.

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