Bonworth, The Women’s Fashion Retailer That Continues to Beat the Competition

Bonworth has been a company wonderful example of a successful company built and run by women for women. The company currently have a staff that is more than 70% women and their products are only aimed at women. Over the past forty years this successful retailer of women’s affordable fashions has been on the leading edge of providing customers with products they love and rave about to friends.

Bonworth Hits the Mark With Customers

Bonworth has consistently hit the mark with fashionable clothes and accessories for working. Middle aged and college aged women. Their style of clothing and accessories is typically laid back and comfortable but with an ability to be dressed up for a formal lunch or semi-formal dinner.

Many have wondered how the company has been able to be a shining star for so long in an industry where trends can change in a heartbeat and customers can be lured away easily with lower pricing and even giveaways. Company COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar cites the company’s commitment to affordably priced high quality products, to offering a wide selection of sizes, and a customer focused company culture as primary reasons why the company continues to grow.

Slogans like Be Bonworth Beautiful and positioning themselves as a store for both mothers and daughters has also helped to ingratiate them to their customers and prove that putting the customer first will resonate sometimes more than a slightly cheaper sales price. But to be clear, their product prices are very competitive.

They source the high quality goods, price them well and then back up purchases with great service. Customers know that when they purchase from Bonworth, they are getting the company with the garment or accessory.

Their Online Activities Are Impressive

They have also taken this same approach to their online activities. They have a full service online store where customers can purchase the full line of Bonworth clothing and accessories and have them shipped directly to their homes. This has created great convenience for busy working women, students and moms. There are also specials that are offered only online for those who cannot take advantage of in-store specials. The website is also able to catch valuable data that allows the company to target specific styles of their clothing toward customers based on their past purchases or previous likes.

Additionally Bonworth has a vibrant social media marketing strategy. Their Facebook page has become a popular place for customers to peruse their products, specials and to interact with the company. This interaction has led to the introduction of new items into their online catalog.

They are proud to say that customer reviews have been very positive about their clothing, accessories, retail stores and online sales and marketing activities. They are also pleased that customers share their satisfaction with other online shoppers.

With their commitment to great quality, affordable pricing and the satisfaction of their customers, Bonworth will continue to be a leading in women’s fashion retailer.

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