Virtual Reality Slots and the Possibilities They Create

It’s no secret that the slot industry has been innovating at lightning speeds. The new types of slots that are being released are far from the original invention of the 3-reel, 1 payline classic slots. These newer models promise immersive gameplay unlike what players have ever seen. One of these technological advancements is the direction online casino slots seem to be heading, toward virtual reality.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-simulated reality or a multimedia reality that is fully immersive. When you play a game in VR, you feel as if you are literally a part of the world of gameplay that you enter into by wearing a VR gadget. These gadgets can include helmets or headphones – these are already being sold. What happens during VR is it stimulates a player’s physical presence in the environment within the game in a way that makes it possible for the player to interact with the different aspects of the virtual world. The gadgets and equipment are designed to create an artificial sensory experience. This can involve sight, smell, touch, and hearing.

The appeal of VR is mostly for the younger generation of players that are being targeted by gaming innovations and more immersive gameplay. Kids these days need a whole lot more than a bouncy ball to remain entertained. An online slot that has made it to the VR world is the NetEnt favourite, Gonzo’s Quest. Instead of spinning reels this game has blocks falling from the sky when you hit spin. Other titles that are in VR are: Starburst, Rambo, Thunderstruck, and more.

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Online Slots?

VR is without a doubt the future of high-end video gaming and other education and training applications that have VR style games. Will this also be the case when it comes to the future of online slots?

When talking about games that are currently available in VR style, these are only the beginning of what the tech will look like in the future. Companies have only just begun to scratch the surface of possibilities of VR gameplay. VR slots have the potential to lure younger and more tech-savvy players to having a go at the reels as this technology is next level and will make anyone want to try it out. VR style slots can also bring back any disillusioned players with the new innovation. These styles of gameplay would target younger players as they have experience with more complicated and challenging gaming. This will stimulate them more than traditional slots and prove to be a hit.

As the industry keeps selling more VR gadgets they will see the allure of making more slots that have VR components, this could open up a whole new market for video slot companies. All developers need to do is get with the times and try to be the first to launch VR slot games. The innovation train is constantly moving; businesses must either hop aboard or be left behind and hope that players feel nostalgic for a bit of classic gameplay.

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