Guardian Gadgets: 7 Home Security Devices Every House Should Have

Home security used to be expensive to install, but home security devices are now affordable and easy to use. We look at 7 gadgets that can keep any home safe.

In 2016, there were 3,160,450 reported burglaries throughout the entire United States. If this number alarms you, good. It’s important to be concerned about the safety of your family, as well as your own.

Luckily, one of the best ways to prevent experiencing a break-in is by installing home security devices throughout your property.

In the past, this equipment was fairly expensive, and the bill would often end up being thousands of dollars. Today, however, security devices are much more affordable.

Not sure which ones might be right for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look seven of the best options.

1. Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Spotlight

One of the most efficient ways of preventing someone from breaking into your home is to deter them before they even have the opportunity.

If you live in a rural area or find that your property is particularly dark after sundown, consider installing a solar-powered spotlight onto the side of your home.

Despite their compact size, these types of lights have powerful bulbs that are sure to illuminate any areas of concern. And, as the name suggests, you won’t need to worry about batteries, and the device will passively charge throughout the day.

Just keep in mind that since it requires sunlight to charge, you might want to opt for a model that uses electricity if you live in an area with frequent storms.

2. Plug-In Motion Sensor

This is one of the simplest items on our list, but it’s also one of the most useful.

The premise is simple: you plug in a device you want to turn on automatically (TV, lamp, etc.), set a timer, and then let it do its thing.

If the sensor detects any motion at all after the timer goes off, it will turn on the device it’s connected to, which will show an intruder that someone is aware of their presence in your home.

3. Wi-Fi Smart Outlet Devices

Similar to the motion sensor outlet device, this gadget will let you use appliances to show an intruder that somebody’s home. But, you’ll be able to manually control them through this device’s functionality.

Where this type of device really shines, however, is through its capability to communicate with other smart electronics.

You can pair with and control a handful of devices while you’re out of town and make your home look as busy as ever by turning off and on the television, lights, other appliances, etc.

For those who worry about their property while they’re gone, this electronic is a must-have.

4. Door Stop Alarm

By placing this device in front of your front, back, or side door, you’ll be sure that no intruder gets in without you knowing.

If any door in front of it is forced open, the door stop will emit a shrill, blaring alarm sound that will wake up everyone in your house. But, there are different settings you can choose from when it comes to what sound you want to the device to make.

These range from a full-on alarm to a simple beep that lets you know the door was opened. If needed, you can also disable it when your doorway is experiencing higher-than-normal levels of traffic.

5. All-Purpose Security Camera

What home security measure would be complete without a camera?

Not only are security cameras useful for reviewing past recordings for suspicious activity near your home, but you can even look at live footage with many of today’s devices. You can place them either inside or outside, depending on your needs.

Some home security cameras are even equipped with face recognition software that will alert you if anyone unrecognized enters your home. This can be especially useful if you want to keep an eye on your children or elderly family members.

6. Digital Smart Lock

Having a digital lock has many advantages over conventional door security methods.

You’re able to set a personalized passcode that can allow you, family, or friends to get inside your home (even if they don’t have a key). You can also change the code at any time if you feel like it’s fallen into the wrong hands.

As an extra protective security measure, smart locks often have a built-in alarm that will sound if the door is unlocked without the code or the actual key.

Furthermore, smart locks will lock themselves after you’ve left your home, which means you’ll never have to worry whether or not you forgot to lock up after you leave.

7. Smart Doorbell

Rounding off our list is the smart doorbell. Using wifi, you’re able to connect to the doorbell’s software with your smartphone, giving you a variety of options, including the opportunity to watch live video of your doorstep.

The smart doorbell even has the option of taking a picture of anything who rings it, which can prove to be a powerful tool to combat anyone suspicious who may be casing your home for a robbery.

You’ll also get an alert on your phone whenever someone is at your doorstep.

If you tend to worry while you’re at work or out of town, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on if anyone happens to approach your front door.

Home Security Devices Are Invaluable

So, take the time to consider which home security devices are right for you.

Whether you live in the quiet suburbs or a questionable neighborhood, you’re sure to find something on this list that can help keep your home more secure.

And, the peace of mind from knowing your home is protected is something that you can’t put a price on.

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