9 Advantages of Solar Energy

9 Advantages of Solar Energy

If you’ve been thinking about installing solar energy into your home for a while but don’t know what all of the benefits would be, you need to keep reading this article. Here, we’re discussing 9 advantages of solar energy so you can feel confident in your decision to make the switch.

It’s official: solar energy is now the fastest growing energy source across the planet. With companies across the US investing billions into the industry, it’s no wonder it’s taking off. These companies know all of the advantages of solar energy and it’s about time to make yourself acquainted too.

Here are 6 of the biggest reasons you should embrace solar power.

1. Tax Credits

One of the biggest reasons that people choose to go solar is to take advantage of the tax credits that are available to people who buy solar panels. Both local and federal tax credits are available to homeowners when they install a solar system. The government will reward your decision to explore energy alternatives.

These credits can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars every year depending on how much you spend on your solar setup. If you invest in building a solar energy setup for your house that can power you all year round, you could find yourself collecting rewards on top of that. Not only will you be eliminating your energy bill but you’ll also be paying less in taxes than ever before.

Check out what the Department of Energy has to say about tax credits and see what you qualify for. You might find yourself with a little more money for your summer vacation thanks to your smart energy choice.

2. Shred That Winter Heat Bill

One of the biggest expenditures for every home is their heating and cooling costs. For most people, it’s a big chunk of what they pay in bills every month outside of their basic housing costs. If you start heating your home with a solar powered system, you could start paying a fraction of that.

Your solar energy system could help to run your electric heating system during the winter and keep your home warm for less. Using the energy collected during the day from the sun, you and your family could stay at a comfortable temperature all night long.

You could also use the energy you collect to power a cooling system during summer months. You can power fans and air conditioning units while saving money from the spikes in cost caused by AC units you’re used to seeing during summer months.

3. Make Money From Excess

Did you know that you can actually make money from a solar energy system?

That’s right. If you stay connected to the power grid, you could start generating enough energy that some of it could go back into the grid. The power company will buy that energy that you generate and sell it to your neighbors.

If you’re a pioneering type, you could go off the grid entirely. With the kind of energy you could produce on your own, combined with some higher efficiency appliances around your house, you’d be self-sufficient.

Should you decide to stay connected, one of the benefits is payments and credits coming to you for once. The energy company could start sending you checks instead of bills every month.

4. Help Save The Environment

We all know that climate change is an issue that we need to take care of and soon. One of the best ways to start making a difference is to change how we consume natural resources.

Most energy is derived through turning one natural resource, like coal or gas, into another form. While we may think of electricity as somehow “cleaner” than other fuels, electricity can still be a “dirty” energy if it’s not derived from wind or solar.

Rather than worry about where your electricity is coming from, install solar panels. You’ll know exactly where you’re getting your electricity from and you’ll help to lengthen the life of the planet. If you’re in California, solar energy is becoming a very popular response to the energy crisis.

Climate change is up to all of us to stop and if we take the time to make those little differences, we can show others that a better world is possible. The ecological crisis affects everyone in the world and we need to all do our part to help.

5. Set a Trend For Your Neighbors

If you’re an influential member of your community, you can show people how to make the world better by setting up solar panels. For many people, it’s a daunting and intimidating step. They might not know where to start and will wish they had someone to ask about where to begin.

You can be that person to get them started if you’re the first person in your neighborhood to install solar panels. You could relieve their fears by answering some basic and common questions about solar power.

They’ll want to know whether you ever worry about running out, how much you paid, and how hard it was to install. Let them know it’s a breeze and you’ll see a new trend starting.

6. Learn About How Things Work

If you’re a curious person but you don’t know much about electricity or wiring up a house, this could be your chance. Setting up some solar panels could introduce you to how electricity works and the ins and outs of home energy.

You’ll learn about solenoids, resistance, voltage, and amperage. You’ll learn just how much energy you need to power your appliances, heat and cool your home, and keep things moving. You might find you end up with a new hobby by the end of the process.

The Advantages of Solar Energy Continue to Grow

The many advantages of solar energy outnumber the arguments against using it. Solar power is most definitely the future of energy and the future we need to embrace to save the planet. Setting up a system for you and your family is the way to get involved and take action.

To make sure you take advantages of all of the sun that hits your home, check out our guide on how to make smart blinds work in your favor.

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